A Postcard from Chicago’s Irish Artists at the Crossroads Exhibition

Chicago Museum

Chicago MuseumChicago’s Irish Artists Share Bounty

CHICAGO – ART – Throughout the bounty of the Art an Institute of Chicago’s mammoth undertaking displaying the largest ever Irish Art Exhibition; a few examples revealing the persevering, well achieved, inner vision of Ireland’s crafters–in various media–are being put into focus with this postcard.

This exclusive show assembled at the Art Institute, where the building itself remains an architectural wonder originally designed in conjunction with the World’s Fair that took place there 1893, continues through this month into June.

Celtic CrossA variety of artistic masterpieces are illustrated. Selected from the wealth, and abundance, assembled in this powerfully unique collection entitled Irish Crossroads. See the Net News Ledger’s posting earlier this spring (April 22) with a story on the Irish harp that becomes a central theme within the exhibit.

Rather surprisingly an exhibition of these treasures has never happened before, like this, on either side of the Atlantic. Or, anywhere else where the subject of Celtic studies has been pursued. Designers of the collection began mulling over the possibility of such an event in 2007.
As one of the visionaries responsible for the arrangement of Artworks and the overall Design has written, “this undertaking will attempt to awaken the world to the marvellous artistic threads that connected visual makers, with such diversity, throughout that distant and remote island that became Ireland.”

Public Affairs Director Rebecca Baldwin said, to me, “part of the on going celebrations at the Art Institute have spotlighted, as well Ireland’s other creations, certainly, previously known. Such as the ancient Book of Kells. With the speakers and presenters we brought to our city that Workshop was a splendid sell-out. We are currently welcoming visitors and travellers from many different regions in Canada, the United States, and, elsewhere. Do make plans to arrive here. For the likes of all this…will not…likely…be together again.”

At last, what would a talk of Ireland be without the inclusion of a few lines stitched in a tune;
Here is the Donegal Weaver’s Song.

In times to come, remember these days
Our simpler and wiser ways
Of weaving words on the tailor’s floor
Of sharing in the warmth embrace
The unique gift
Of tweed and wool.
Generations follow, and, memories fade
But the passion and the pride remain.
This trade is handed down
Where quality endures
In the ship that never sails.

Ronn Hartviksen

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