Mumford and Sons - Believe
Mumford and Sons - Believe
Mumford and Sons - Believe
Mumford and Sons – Believe

CHICAGO – MUSIC – Fans of the British Group Mumford & Sons have reason to BELIEVE once more in the band’s virtuosity in their just released musical collection. Their hit song, which has been played in so many venues on our recent travels.

In shopping malls. Bus stations. In cabs. And, on our own CD player when settling in ‘back home’ following a busy day. Their lead song came about while writing it a year go as they were staked out on a ranch in Texas. Later completing the catchy lyrics for Believe back home in Britain.

Marcus Mumford lead singer always acknowledges his mother’s influence growing up in London. She played American folk songs and was the one to introduce Marcus to Bob Dylan.

Thus Mumford & Sons recollection of one of their finest concerts when they played in Duluth, Minnesota   and Hibbing’s Bob Dylan actually joined them on stage.

Another rocker to have shared a stage with the Mumfords is John Fogarty. That occurred when Marcus Mumford was keen on their being introduced by an American legend. He simply called Fogarty’s studio and the man himself: John Fogarty answered. Fogarty flew in for an evening with the Mumfords in Florida.

The credence in what the Mumfords have harvested on the music scene these last year’s are they are expected to play on one of David Letterman’s final nights. This album has, in some ways, little reflective versions of their past hit song: I Will Wait For You. A cabbie, in Illinois, remarked one night, “it’s great driving music.”

Giving this Cd a spin will likely bring a reflection personified in a band that has ably blended both banjo and acoustic/electric guitar and resonating drums.

Ronn Hartviksen

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