Islamic State Claims Kenji Goto Murdered

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TOKYO – The Islamic State has released a video that apparently shows Mr. Kenji Goto, a Japanese hostage has been killed.

A statement has been issued by Chief Cabinet Secretary Suga at an Ad hoc press conference on the Japanese hostage in Syria (February 1):

“Earlier, a video circulated on the Internet appearing to show that Mr. Kenji Goto has been murdered. I cannot help but feel even more intense indignation at the fact that this kind of utterly cruel and despicable act of terrorism occurred again. I again resolutely condemn it. I immediately instructed the Deputy Chief Cabinet Secretary for Cri sis Management and the Secretary General of the National Security Secretariat to engage in a thoroughgoing response, including gathering information in cooperation with the relevant ministries and agencies.”

The murder of the hostage comes after what are now futile negotiations between Japan, Jordan and Islamic State that were seeking to free Mr. Kenjo Goto and a Jordanian fighter pilot who has also been threatened with death.

Some experts are also looking at recent ISIL videos and suggesting that the impact of the air strikes by United States and Coalition forces are demonstrating that the group’s ability to produce video has been impaired.