Smart Watch Gaming: The Next Step for Cross-platform Experiences

Smart Watch Gaming
Smart Watch Gaming is the next step in online gaming
Smart Watch Gaming
Smart Watch Gaming is the next step in online gaming

LONDON – TECH – While the sheer range of smartphone applications and purposes mean that it is almost impossible and single dominant function, mobile gaming is certainly one of the most prominent features of the contemporary market. The remote gaming sector will soon be worth in excess of $182.8 billion, for example, and much of this revenue is driven by mobile casino gambling and virtual slot machines.

As a result of this, designers and developers are being forced to tailor their devices and accessories to enable mobile gaming capabilities. This even applies outside of smartphones and tablets, as the principle can also be applied to accessories and wearable technology products such as Android Wear smart watches.

If you have already purchased an Android Wear smart watch (or a similar example of wearable technology such as the Microsoft Band), you are unlikely to have been inspired by its potential as a gaming platform. This is beginning to change, however, thanks to a select number of innovative developers who have developed games that are compatible with the small and compact display. This has opened the door to the ultimate in cross-platform gaming, as a growing number of titles can be shared with a smart watch device and enjoyed while on the move.

As a consequence, a larger number of developers in the UK will soon be designing a wider diversity of titles for smart watch devices. This trend will become prominent leading operating systems such as Apple and Android, while independent developers will also ensure that their games are compatible with the platform. Take the designers who are active in the UK online casino market, for example, who have a unique opportunity to reach an even larger target market and boost revenues accordingly.

With this in mind, the smart watch gaming sector is likely to generate huge interest in the next twelve to eighteen months. We will also see a further increase in the revenues generated through mobile gaming, as the sector aligns with alternative platforms and creates a library of games that are available across multiple platforms.

Further in the future, we may also see additional examples of wearable technology equipped with mobile gaming capabilities. This does represent a significant leap, simply because these accessories are already designed to be compatible with partnering smartphones and can be synced to additional devices too.

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