Infomercials – A Late Night ‘Dirty Little Secret’


We all Watch Infomercials

THUNDER BAY – Infomercials are like a dirty secret. Everybody watches them, but few people tell their friends they do. Think of it, today at the office, or sitting at the beach, do you tell a friend all about the infomerical you watched last night?

Even if you watch them, do you get up off the couch and order the products that are pitched from your television screen.
It is always interesting to me, the majority of the infomercials run after 2AM, yet to generate the needed call to action, like the Home Shopping Network, there is often a countdown clock ticking down warning you that time is almost up.

However the infomercial is basically a fixture on television, and some of them are almost quite entertaining. If you don’t like them, there is always a solution, ask yourself what are you doing watching television when you could be on Facebook?