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North Korea PosterPyongyang – International – A law on consolidating the position of nuclear weapons state for self-defence was adopted in the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea (North Korea. The report that North Korea is planning to re-open its nuclear power plant and continue to focus on nuclear weapons has raised concerns internationally.

North Korea has been upping the ante in recent weeks. The DPRK opposed a United Nations resolution in February that sanctioned the nation over its nuclear ambitions.

Victoria Nuland, a spokesperson at the Department of State in the United States says, “When a country takes this kind of a rhetorical stance, takes the measures that they’ve taken to cut off hotlines, to make the kinds of declarations that they’ve made, we take it absolutely seriously. And we say yet again, as the White House said over the weekend, that North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile programs constitute a threat to the United States national security and to international peace and security. We’re going to remain vigilant in the face of these threats and these provocations and we’re going to stay steadfast in our defense of our allies”.

During a briefing on Monday, Nuland was asked about possible cyber threats. “Over the weekend, we had another series of cyber attacks. In this case, it was a group of North Korean websites that were apparently hit. Given that we’re now seeing increased traffic back and forth with attacks, are you concerned that these kinds of activities could trigger conflict on the peninsula, full-on military conflict?”

Nuland responded,  “I don’t have anything specific on attacks within the D.P.R.K. Frankly, I hadn’t seen that. But you know in general we are looking for – to establish rules of the road with regard to the use of cyber assets and transparency that both protects the web but ensures that governments can talk to each other in a reasonable manner if there are concerns. But I don’t have anything in particular with regard to the D.P.R.K.”

The North Korean Government states “An ordinance of the Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK in this regard was promulgated on Monday”. 

The ordinance reads:

The DPRK is a full-fledged nuclear weapons state capable of beating back any aggressor troops at one strike, firmly defending the socialist system and providing a sure guarantee for the happy life of the people. 

Having an independent and just nuclear force, the DPRK put an end to the distress-torn history in which it was subject to outside forces’ aggression and interference and could emerge a socialist power of Juche which no one dares provoke. 

The Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK decides to consolidate the position of the nuclear weapons state as follows:

1. The nuclear weapons of the DPRK are just means for defence as it was compelled to have access to them to cope with the ever-escalating hostile policy of the U.S. and nuclear threat. 

2. They serve the purpose of deterring and repelling the aggression and attack of the enemy against the DPRK and dealing deadly retaliatory blows at the strongholds of aggression until the world is denuclearized. 

3. The DPRK shall take practical steps to bolster up the nuclear deterrence and nuclear retaliatory strike power both in quality and quantity to cope with the gravity of the escalating danger of the hostile forces’ aggression and attack. 

4. The nuclear weapons of the DPRK can be used only by a final order of the Supreme Commander of the Korean People’s Army to repel invasion or attack from a hostile nuclear weapons state and make retaliatory strikes. 

5. The DPRK shall neither use nukes against the non-nuclear states nor threaten them with those weapons unless they join a hostile nuclear weapons state in its invasion and attack on the DPRK. 

6. The DPRK shall strictly observe the rules on safekeeping and management of nukes and ensuring the stability of nuclear tests. 

7. The DPRK shall establish a mechanism and order for their safekeeping and management so that nukes and their technology, weapon-grade nuclear substance may not leak out illegally. 

8. The DPRK shall cooperate in the international efforts for nuclear non-proliferation and safe management of nuclear substance on the principle of mutual respect and equality, depending on the improvement of relations with hostile nuclear weapons states. 

9. The DPRK shall strive hard to defuse the danger of a nuclear war and finally build a world without nukes and fully support the international efforts for nuclear disarmament against nuclear arms race. 

10. The related institutions shall take thorough practical steps for implementing this ordinance.

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