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Lakehead Thunderwolves SportsTHUNDER BAY – Sports – A steady fall of snow through Friday night and into Saturday did not prevent Lakehead University’s track team from performing at the indoor meet in the LU Hangar Saturday morning.  In addition to the Thunderwolves’ contingent, members of the Lakehead Running club were also participating.

Joe McDonough captured first place in the 300m in a time of 36.7, while Heather Maxfield took top spot in the women’s 300m in 41.5.

Geoff Chambers-Bedard took finished the 600m in a time of 1:24.7, thanks in part to Joe McDonough setting a quick pace for him in the first lap. In the women’s 600m, Katie Darcis finished first with a time of 1:41.7

In the 1500m, Danielle Thiel won the women’s side in a time of 4:50.7, while Kevin Tree came first on the men’s side with a time of 4:07.1.

Thunderwolves Coach Coach Kip Sigsworth shares, “Today was a step in the right direction from last week’s meet. We are behind where I thought we would be after these two home meets. We are heading into two very competitive meets the next two weekends where we will get a much better sense of where we are at.  We still have a lot of work to do and lots of areas to improve in, but at least things are moving in the right direction. McGill this coming weekend is one of the premier indoor meets in the country and I look forward to seeing what we can do against that level of competition.”

The Track team will attend the McGill Open next weekend in Montreal.

LU Vs The Universe Results – 2013

Men’s Weight Throw

  1. Kyle McGillvray Lakehead University 12.66

Men’s 300m

  1. Joe McDonough Lakehead University 36.7
  2. Ryan Scott Lakehead University 37.5
  3. Jake McKee Lakehead Running 38.8
  4. Brandon Pope Lakehead Running 40.4
  5. Will McDonough Lakehead Running 41.8
  6. Hunter Campbell Lakehead Running 44.3
  7. Britton Adams Lakehead Running 46.1
  8. Zach Hynna Lakehead Running 47.7
  9. Jacob Javor Lakehead Running 48.1
  10. Daniel Kaeminjk Lakehead Running 49.2
  11. Carter Harris Lakehead Running 50.1
  12. Nikolas Campbell Lakehead Running 60.0

Women’s 300m

  1. Heather Maxfield Lakehead University 41.5
  2. Jessica Baraskewich Lakehead University 42.5
  3. Kayla Berggagnini Lakehead Running 45.9
  4. Kielly McDonough Lakehead Running 46.8
  5. Amy Stieh Lakehead Running 51.2
  6. Kiara Bergagnini Lakehead Running 59.2

Men’s 1500m

  1. Kevin Tree Lakehead University 4:07.1
  2. Nick Kondrat Lakehead Running 4:07.6
  3. Chris Brown Lakehead University 4:09.4
  4. Dominique Aulagnon Lakehead University 4:13.3
  5. Tyler White Lakehead University 4:14.1
  6. Brenden Randall Lakehead University 4:17.4
  7. Dylan Brown Lakehead University 4:19.0
  8. Tony Pucci Lakehead Running 4:22.4
  9. Ben Belluz Lakehead University 4:22.7
  10. Kenny Groop Lakehead University 4:26.8
  11. Derek Patterson Lakehead Running 4:43.0
  12. Ryan Pendziwol Lakehead Running 4:58.3
  13. Zack Kondrat Lakehead Running 5:06.0
  14. Darrell Wright Lakehead Masters 5:10.8

Women’s 1500m

  1. Danielle Thiel Lakehead University 4:50.7
  2. Lisa Alaimo Lakehead University 5:04.5
  3. Callie Roelfsema Lakehead University 5:05.9
  4. Jamis Hall Lakehead Running 5:41.8
  5. Julianna Servello Lakehead Running 5:41.8
  6. Sienna Bergagnini Lakehead Running 5:55.3
  7. Randi Speziale Lakehead Running 6:50.7

Men’s 600m

  1. Geoff Chambers-Bedard Lakehead University 1:24.7
  2. Joe McDonough Lakehead University DNF

Women’s 600m

  1. Katie Darcis Lakehead University 1:41.7
  2. Vanessa Ivec Lakehead University 1:43.3
  3. Lisa MacDonald Lakehead University 1:47.7
  4. Cassie Ostrom Lakehead University 1:50.0
  5. Amy Stieh Lakehead Running 1:59.2
  6. Erin Duhaime Lakehead University 1:59.8
  7. Jessica Baraskewich Lakehead University DNF

Men’s 60m

  1. Ryan Scott Lakehead University 7.3
  2. Jake McKee Lakehead Running 7.4
  3. Dieter Kreps Lakehead Running 7.5
  4. Paul Dowhos Unattached 7.8
  5. Jacob Javor Lakehead Running 8.5
  6. Hunter Campbell Lakehead Running 8.5
  7. Britton Adams Lakehead Running 8.7
  8. Dan Kaemingk Lakehead Running 8.9
  9. Zack Kuzik Lakehead Running 9.1
  10. Carter Harris Lakehead Running 9.1
  11. Nicholas Campbell Lakehead Running 10.0

Women’s 60m

  1. Amy Stieh Lakehead Running 9.3
  2. Kiara Bergagnini Lakehead Running 10.4
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