Bruce Hyer drops out of NDP and Will Sit as Independent MP


Bruce Hyer MPTHUNDER BAY – Thunder Bay Superior North continues its trend of having maverick Members of Parliament. Bruce Hyer has returned to Ottawa and announced that he will sit as an independent MP. Hyer’s move comes after the NDP leadership convention, where Thomas Muclair was elected leader.

Hyer tweeted, “I am proud to serve my constituents 1st & foremost. From now on, I will be sitting as an Independent voice in Parliament”.

Hyer was sanctioned by the interim leader Nycole Turmel over his decision to vote to end the long gun registry.

When the new critic roles were announced, Hyer was not included in any of the roles.

Thunder Bay Superior North has a history of maverick Members of Parliament. Former Liberal MP Joe Comuzzi was tossed from the Liberal caucus over an announcement that he would vote for a Conservative budget that contained funding for molecular research in Thunder Bay. Then Liberal leader Stephane Dion booted Comuzzi from caucus before the vote.

During Question Period in the House of Commons today, the Conservatives were quick to pounce on the decision by Hyer as a rebuff of “having his voting rights surpressed”.


More details as they come in on this developing story.