Mr. Mulcair has made it clear he will bring back the long gun registry – Bruce Hyer MP


Jack Layton in happier times with Bruce HyerTHUNDER BAY – LEADERS LEDGER – I was honoured when the voters of Thunder Bay-Superior North chose me to be their voice in the House of Commons. I committed to them to be honest, open, and accessible, and to keep my campaign promises. I have much respect for most Members in this House. But our three main parties require lockstep discipline, with little room for meaningful public debate… or for putting constituents ahead of party politics.

Instead of cooperation and compromise, voters often see mindless solidarity, where political parties are always right and voters are always wrong. One example is the long gun registry, where there has been no real compromise at all. Mr. Mulcair has made it clear he will bring back the long gun registry, and will use the whip. I am also concerned that Mr. Mulcair does not seem willing to co-operate with other parties on issues. And on climate change, parties are hopelessly locked to Cap & Trade or outright inaction, making compromise to achieve even piecemeal progress impossible.

One of the jobs of any new Leader is to unite their party, and there are different ways to do that. Being excluded from a position was a definite message that my constituents will be muzzled.

As an Independent voice, I will better be able to represent my constituents in Parliament. I will focus on doing what I have worked hard to do for over three years: Help the people being mistreated by Canada Revenue Agency or EI. Work with all parties or MPs when possible to make Parliament work. And speak up inside and outside the House for issues important for Northwestern Ontario, and Canada.

Bruce Hyer MP

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