Thunder Bay Hydro Moves Back Time-of-Use Rate Start


Thunder Bay HydroTHUNDER BAY – Thunder Bay Hydro customers will have a longer respite from the move to time of use rates for electricity. Thunder Bay Hydro has announced that they will move the start-up to October.

This move comes as a result of software issues that have been identified as a result of testing of the new “smart meters”.

“Our extensive testign has identified some outstanding issues with our billing software,” stated Tim Wilson, Vice President of Customer Service and Conservation. “These need to be addressed before we have the confidence to move forward with applying Time-of-Use rates to our customer’s statements”.

“We have revised the timeline to implement the Time-of-Use prices to allow for continued work with our software vendors to ensure that all our concerns are resolved before we move forward.”

The new rate schedule was expected to start in the billing periods that started in late September. First bills with the new Time-of-Use rate structure are now expected to be delivered before the end of the year.