Ontario NDP MPP Lise Vaugeois Sounds Alarm on Potential Power Outages Amid Soaring Summer Temperatures

The electrification of the north will make economic sense for the region.

Accuses Ford Government of Negligence; Calls for Immediate Action to Mitigate Power Supply Risks

THUNDER BAY – Lise Vaugeois, Ontario NDP MPP for Thunder Bay-Superior North, has issued an urgent appeal to the Ford Government to take proactive measures in response to the growing threat of power outages over the summer months. She warns that rising temperatures, escalating air conditioning use, and increasing forest fires could put extreme pressure on Ontario’s power grid.

According to the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s Annual Summer Reliability Assessment report, Ontario is entering a critical period where it will become increasingly challenging to manage generation and transmission outages. The Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) is urging all market participants to anticipate and coordinate their planned outages with the IESO to ensure a smooth scheduling process.

Vaugeois highlighted the looming threat, stating, “We are already battling extreme heat and poor air quality as the number of forest fires across Canada multiplies. Schools are keeping children indoors with the windows closed due to the risk of smoke inhalation. These conditions invariably escalate the demand for air conditioning and air filtration, making power outages over the summer a concrete possibility. This situation endangers everyone but poses a particular risk for seniors and individuals in hospitals and nursing homes.”

Vaugeois was also vocal in her criticism of the Ford government’s past decisions, which she believes have contributed to the current predicament. “When the Ford government took office, they cancelled 700 renewable energy contracts, dismantled Electric Vehicle chargers, and left us 50 fire crews short. Ford’s questionable actions have left Ontarians inadequately prepared for these extreme conditions that have become all too familiar.”

In light of the imminent climate crisis, Vaugeois and the Ontario NDP are beseeching the Ford government to act preemptively to offset the risks of power outages, emphasizing the need for immediate action to safeguard Ontarians during the hotter months.

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