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Starchild StellaTHUNDER BAY – The problems caused by lack of moderation are personal issues like drinking too much, using drugs and overeating, etc; these can be solved from personal choices to stop or slow down. Communities need to stand together against real crimes like protecting people, property and human rights issues, and so on.

Those of us who believe we are “normal” in terms of not abusing, overusing, or adjust well to ‘stressers’ need to get past our comfort zone and apply our circle of influence to address issues within our capabilities even just at home. People are amazing when they pool together, we have seen or read about it in news, or heard about what they do; we should do the same for whatever change we feel our communities need.

I believe that is how we have survived this long, our forefathers and mothers pulled together to feed families, to help the weak to stand on their own, their leaders were focused on human issues, back then money was not thrown at them as easily as now.

Money blinds many leaders because their greed takes over. Selflessness turns to selfishness.

Speak up and tell them they need to put aside personal gain and to begin again to assist those who need them.

With so much money coming in from casinos, mining companies and whatever other sources, there should be no housing issues, there should be health programs in place, there should be recreation centres for their children … where is all that money?

Who is benefiting from all that money? Don’t be afraid to ask. It’s not the time to accept what you can change!

You are voters of these leaders, you put them where they are, if they don’t do their jobs, get rid of them and put someone who can do the job better.

Think of your children, your grandchildren!

Starchild Stella Koostachin

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