Engaging Grandchildren on a Sunday: Activities for a Memorable Day

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Sunday visits at the grandparents’ house are often cherished memories for many children. But in a world increasingly dominated by screens and digital entertainment, keeping the grandchildren engaged and happy can sometimes be a challenge. Here are some ideas for grandparents looking to create a memorable and enjoyable Sunday with their grandchildren.

1. Cooking Together

Cooking is a fantastic way to bond and teach valuable life skills. Simple recipes like cookies, pancakes, or homemade pizza allow children to be creative while learning. This activity not only fills the house with delicious smells but also provides a sense of accomplishment when everyone sits down to enjoy the meal or treat they’ve prepared together.

2. Gardening

Gardening can be a magical experience for children. It’s a chance to learn about nature, responsibility (through watering and caring for plants), and the joy of seeing something grow. Whether it’s planting flowers or starting a small vegetable garden, these activities offer hands-on learning and the thrill of discovery. During the winter months in Canada it is still possible. A herb garden for the grandchildren can tie right in with cooking as you teach the grandchildren how to make their food more flavourable with the herbs they grew.

3. Crafting

Arts and crafts offer endless possibilities. From painting and drawing to more intricate projects like scrapbooking or making birdhouses, crafting can be tailored to suit children of all ages. It’s a great way to encourage creativity and provides a tangible keepsake from their day.

4. Storytelling and Reading

Reading stories or sharing family tales can be a deeply personal and engaging activity. Grandparents can share stories from their childhood or read favorite books. For older grandchildren, discussing a book they are currently reading can be a way to connect and share ideas.

5. Outdoor Adventures

Whether it’s a walk in the park, a visit to the local zoo, or a simple picnic in the backyard, spending time outdoors is beneficial for children’s physical and mental health. Activities like bird watching, a treasure hunt, or a nature scavenger hunt add an element of adventure and learning.

6. Board Games and Puzzles

Board games and puzzles are not just fun; they’re educational too. They help children develop strategic thinking, problem-solving skills, and patience. Choosing age-appropriate games ensures that everyone can participate and enjoy the challenge.

7. Teaching a Skill or Hobby

Grandparents often have skills or hobbies that can fascinate children, whether it’s knitting, woodworking, fishing, or playing a musical instrument. Teaching these skills not only passes on valuable knowledge but also creates a unique bond between the generations.

8. Technology Time

While it’s important to limit screen time, technology can be a tool for learning and entertainment. Watching a family-friendly movie, playing an educational game, or even having a video call with other family members can be enjoyable in moderation.

9. Memory Lane

Going through old photo albums or watching family videos can be a delightful way for grandchildren to learn about their family history and see their grandparents in a different light.

10. Just Being Together

Sometimes, the simplest activities can be the most rewarding. Just sitting and talking, doing puzzles, or even helping with small, age-appropriate chores can make for a meaningful day.


Spending time with grandchildren is about creating memories and strengthening bonds. The activities don’t have to be elaborate; often, it’s the time spent together that children will remember the most. By engaging in these activities, grandparents can provide a fun, educational, and memorable experience that grandchildren will cherish for years to come.

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