July 9 2024: Canada Weather Synopsis: A Mix of Heat Warnings and Rainfall Alerts

weather overview July 9 2024

Thunder Bay – Weather – There is a full range of weather across Canada. Toronto will face interesting conditions as rainfall as a result of Hurricane Beryl may impact southern Ontario. The West in one word is HOT. Heat Warnings are in effect.

British Columbia

Kamloops: Heat Warning Kamloops continues to experience a heat warning with temperatures soaring into the high 30s and low 40s. Overnight lows in the high teens provide minimal relief. Residents are advised to stay hydrated and avoid strenuous activities during peak heat. The forecast remains hot through the end of the week with slight moderation starting Thursday.


Edmonton: Heat Warning Edmonton is also under a heat warning, with temperatures expected to reach up to 37°C on Tuesday and Wednesday. Overnight lows remain in the mid-teens to low-20s. Cooler temperatures are expected to arrive by Thursday in the northwestern parts of the province, but the heat will persist elsewhere. The public is advised to take precautions to protect against heat-related illnesses.

Calgary: Heat Warning and Calgary Stampede The Calgary Stampede faces similar heat challenges, with daytime highs near 37°C and overnight lows in the low-20s. The hot weather is forecasted to continue through much of next week, with some cooling expected by Thursday in the northwestern areas. Residents and visitors should take breaks in cooled spaces, stay hydrated, and reschedule outdoor activities to cooler parts of the day.


Saskatoon: Warm and Smoky Saskatoon started the day with shallow fog but will transition to sunny skies with local smoke in the afternoon. Highs are expected to reach 30°C, with a humidex of 34. A 60% chance of showers and thunderstorms is forecasted for late this afternoon. The heat persists with temperatures climbing to 32°C on Wednesday.


Winnipeg: Mix of Sun and Showers Winnipeg experiences a mix of sun and clouds with a chance of afternoon showers and thunderstorms. The high today will be 28°C with a humidex of 32. Clear skies are expected tonight with lows around 17°C. The heat will intensify mid-week with temperatures reaching up to 30°C.


Thunder Bay: Foggy and Warm Thunder Bay is experiencing a foggy morning with a current temperature of 13°C. The fog will dissipate, leading to a mix of sun and clouds with a 30% chance of showers in the afternoon. There is a risk of thunderstorms late in the day. The high will be 27°C with a humidex of 33.

Kenora and Lake of the Woods: Sunny with Showers Kenora and the Lake of the Woods region started with clear skies but will see a mix of sun and cloud with a 40% chance of showers late this afternoon. Highs will be around 28°C with a humidex of 31. The risk of thunderstorms persists into the evening.

Sioux Lookout: Warm with Showers Sioux Lookout began the day with shallow fog, which will give way to sunny skies and a 60% chance of showers in the afternoon. The high will be 28°C with a humidex of 30. The weather remains warm with highs reaching 32°C mid-week.

Sault Ste. Marie: Fog and Cloudy Sault Ste. Marie is under foggy conditions this morning, transitioning to mainly cloudy skies with a 30% chance of showers or drizzle. The high will be 23°C with a humidex of 28. The weather continues to be unsettled with showers expected tomorrow and Thursday.

Sudbury: Mist and Showers Greater Sudbury started with mist and will see cloudy conditions with a 40% chance of showers or drizzle today. There is also a risk of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs will be 26°C with a humidex of 31. The weather remains mostly cloudy with showers expected through Thursday.

Toronto: Rainfall and Heat Warnings Toronto faces both rainfall and heat warnings. The remnants of Hurricane Beryl are expected to bring heavy rainfall with rates of 20 to 40 mm per hour starting late tonight and continuing into Thursday. Localized totals could exceed 50 mm. Additionally, a heat warning is in effect with highs near 31°C and humidex values between 35 and 38. A cooler air mass is anticipated tonight, but residents should prepare for potential flooding and heat-related health risks.


Western Canada is currently dealing with a range of weather conditions, from extreme heat in British Columbia and Alberta to a mix of heat and rain warnings in Manitoba and Ontario. Saskatchewan faces smoky skies and warm temperatures. Residents across these provinces are advised to stay hydrated, take precautions against heat illnesses, and stay informed about local weather updates and potential flooding risks.

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