Northwest Fire Region Update: No New Fires, Safety Reminders for Fireworks

Wildland Forest Wildfire Update

NORTHWEST REGION – As of early evening on July 3, there have been no new wildland fires confirmed in the Northwest Region.

Currently, there are two active wildland fires in the region:

  • NIP007: Under control.
  • SLK006: Not yet under control.

The wildland fire hazard is predominantly low across the Northwest Region, with the exception of the central portion of the Greenstone sector, where the hazard ranges from moderate to high.

For detailed information on active fires and the wildland fire hazard in your area, visit the Interactive Map.

Fireworks Safety: Fireworks are a highlight of summer, but it’s crucial to practice fire safety. If hot residue from your fireworks starts a wildland fire, you could be held responsible for the cost of extinguishing it. Consider attending organized fireworks events instead of setting off your own.

Help Fight Forest Fires: When waterbombers approach a body of water, move close to the shore to allow them to scoop safely. A waterbomber will not scoop from a lake or river if encroaching watercraft pose a safety hazard. Be safe, and stay clear of waterbombers.

Report a Wildland Fire:

  • North of the French and Mattawa Rivers: Dial 310-FIRE.
  • South of the French or Mattawa Rivers: Dial 9-1-1.
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