10 Greatest Drone Show Companies in the World

Drone Racing - the newest sport?

The drone show industry has been gaining momentum over the last decade. Out of all players in the market, we compiled the drone show company rating of 10 best providers. To turn your event into a once-in-a-lifetime experience, feel free to consider these wizards of aerial storytelling.

How We Ranked Drone Show Suppliers

Our comprehensive assessment of drone show suppliers considered these 6 aspects:

  • Annual track-record. The quantity of light shows per year, the volume of the fleet and the team professionalism are interrelated factors.
  • Size of formations. Check the elaboration and dimensions of drone light displays to assess the scale of a show. It takes professionals and great expertise to fly mind-blowing animations.
  • Innovative solutions. The drone show business is growing rapidly. To keep up with this competitive environment, the drone light show companies offer a range of topnotch solutions for spectacular drone shows.
  • Quality vs price. A tricky criterion. High pricing does not necessarily mean a high service level of drone performances. Choosing the drone show supplier for your event, thoroughly evaluate the balance between price and quality of a show.
  • Law and security measures. Performing light shows takes certain insurance and legal policy. Drone show vendors provide protection of every person making or watching a drone show.
  • Public reaction. Emotions are the key. The viewers’ positive response demonstrates the provider’s power to amaze the viewers and elevate the celebration.

2024 Top-Ranked Players In Drone Show Market

  1. Lumasky Drone Show
  2. Geoscan Drone Show
  3. Firefly 
  5. SkyElements Drone Show
  6. Dronisos
  7. BotLab Dynamics
  8. Uvify
  9. High-Great
  10. Verge Aero
  1. Lumasky Drone Show

Lumasky is the flagship of the drone show companies league

Lumasky is the flagship of the drone show companies league. It has an outstanding fleet of 7000 drones, 7+ years of worldwide operations, and a range of cutting-edge solutions. Pyro drones, pyro planes, interactive drone show options to engage the audience. Based in Dubai, it delivers drone light shows in Middle Eastern countries, Africa, South America. Lumasky made mesmerizing light shows for such giants as Formula 1, Nike, BVLGARI, Samsung, UNESCO. Various MENA authorities engage Lumasky for national celebrations, regional festivals, and opening ceremonies. The level of drone shows this global service provider suggests is unprecedented. In 2022 Lumasky even broke the Guinness Record for “The most drones performing an aerial dance display” with 1,990 drones.

  1. Geoscan Drone Show

Geoscan Drone Show started its history in 2011 in Russia. Since then, the company has become a renowned organizer of breathtaking drone light shows in the region and beyond. Hyundai, Oppo, Nike and other international brands have marked their campaigns with stunning drone animations by Geoscan. What’s important, Geoscan makes a turn-key show production from idea to launch. It also operates on its own software, manufactures its own drones constantly upgrading their brightness, speed and performance. In 2020 this drone show company made a splash in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, by setting a record for the most drones launched simultaneously. 

  1. Firefly

This company was founded in 2017 in Detroit, the US, and started its work using only 30-drones per show. Today Firefly drone shows are launched domestically, as well as in several other countries around the globe. It boasts being one of the only FAA licensed companies in the world. Strict compliance with safety regulations, next to delivering intricate formations in the skies, makes this firm stand out. Another crucial factor is that the drones used for each show are designed and built in-house by the Firefly talented team.


A drone show provider, based in the United Kingdom, Singapore, and the USA. Launched in 2015, they produce dozens of dazzling drone shows every year. In early 2024 SKYMAGIC performed one of its most remarkable projects: they landed a 3-dimensional A380 plane made of 1750 drones on the runway in the newly renamed Zayed Airport in Abu Dhabi. To ensure not only dazzling, but safe drone flights, SKYMAGIC got approved by CAA. Being the topnotch expert in technologies, they now offer pyrodrones. This kind of drone gear was created in collaboration with Fireworks by Grucci to turn any event into a true spectacle. In 2020 the company received an award of the ‘Visual Technology Of The Year’.


  1. SkyElements Drone Show

Anyone in the US knows this Texas-located drone light show provider, which was founded as a spinoff of a pyrotechnic company. Today SkyElements brings the art of drone shows all across the US for events, sports teams, artists, and brands. Its unparalleled expertise and the award-winning crew create the visuals that fly up to 120 meters and keep your eyes glued to the sky. SkyElements crafted breathtaking drone light displays for Paramount, MAXIM, FC Dallas and others. Next to vibrant drone shows in the sky, the company also offers indoor shows as a unique immersive experience. Auditioning for America’s Got Talent and earning the first double Golden Buzzer for their 1000 drone show brought this company’s popularity in the US to the next level.

  1. Dronisos

Here is Dronisos, a regular supplier of drone light shows for Disneyland, and the biggest European drone show provider. The company based in France produces unforgettable record-breaking aerial performances that wow the audience throughout Europe. In 2020 Dronisos beat the world record for the largest number of drones flying indoors during a drone show in Italy. In 2023 it flew 1495 drones over Disneyland Paris to celebrate Bastille Day, setting the European Record. It is not only an art-driven company. Dronisos applies cutting-edge technology to provide exciting immersive moments, with safety and environmental stewardship as trademarks of each experience.

  1. BotLab Dynamics

Almost 100 drone shows make it a leading drone show operator in the Indian market. Owning a fleet of 1000 drones, BotLab Dynamics raise awareness about the drone light shows as ‘green’, yet no less mesmerizing alternative to regular fireworks. One of the ‘pearls’ of its portfolio is the second top drone show of the world orchestrated with 3500 drones taken to the skies above Rashtrapati Bhawan. This amazing event was widely covered Botlab Dynamics can also boast of India’s first QR Code in the sky above Mumbai for the Underworld Gang wars game. Since 2016, this drone performance company has developed all solutions in-house and crystallized its straight mission: to replace all the fireworks with drone light shows.

  1. UVify

One of the leading US-based drone show providers, that expanded its presence in Canada, South Korea, and China. The company’s headquarters is in Seattle, it also has R&D and manufacturing in Korea. The topnotch expertise and the team of enthusiastic engineers and designers allowed UVify to release the world’s first commercially available swarm drone for drone light shows. It offers over 16 million colors and flies up to 25 min, which sets a new bar in the drone art industry. The business news was abuzz with this invention. In the spring of 2024, UVify broke the Guinness Record with the biggest drone show of 5293 drones. Interesting to know that UVify’s best-known client for drone equipment is SkyElements. 

  1. HighGreat

Second to last among the best drone show companies is an 8-year old China-based company called HighGreat. Own massive fleet of drones makes it possible to run eye-catching indoor and outdoor drone light shows that leave audiences speechless. The geography of use of this profound Chinese technology is impressive: the United Arab Emirates, South Korea, the United States, Japan, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and other countries. In 2021 the company broke four world records with a 5200 drone performance. With the world’s largest fleet of 60 000 drones and 5000 flawless aerial performances, High-Great is one of the most outstanding drone show providers in Asia for an impressive scope of events. 

  1. Verge Aero

A globally-performing drone company Verge Aero is rounding out the list of top drone show companies. Founded in 2016, it provides technology and systems for captivating drone shows to be launched at any part of the world. It was the first one to integrate light shows into VEVO video clips for famous artists. It has one distinguishing feature. The company offers integrated systems that enable users to design their own drone light show with ease, whether you are a beginner or a professional. In addition to unmatched swarm technology, Verge Aero aims to enhance safety as the highest standard in this sector of the entertainment industry. Collaborating with Coldplay, the Rolling Stones, and the Olympics serves as a proof of this company’s experience to captivate audiences in the most splendid way.

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