Sioux Lookout Weekend Weather Outlook for April 13-14 2024

Image: North Star Air - photo by Devon Creyf, Captain PC12 Pilatus
Image: North Star Air - photo by Devon Creyf, Captain PC12 Pilatus

Sioux Lookout begins the weekend with a mainly clear dawn and chilly temperatures, as reported early this morning at Sioux Lookout Airport. With an increasingly cloudy day ahead and potential showers by afternoon, residents should prepare for a mix of sun and clouds throughout the weekend, coupled with fluctuating temperatures.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions

As of 5:00 AM CDT, the weather in Sioux Lookout is mainly clear with a temperature of -5.5°C. Atmospheric pressure stands at 101.6 kPa but is currently falling. Humidity has reached saturation at 100%, with the dew point also at -5.5°C. The wind is gentle from the southeast at 3 km/h, contributing to a wind chill of -7, and visibility is good at 24 km.

Expected Conditions

Saturday, April 13: The day will remain mostly sunny until late morning when clouds begin to increase, followed by a 60 percent chance of afternoon showers. Winds will stay mild, up to 15 km/h. The temperature will reach a high of 7°C, but the morning will feel colder with a wind chill of -10. The UV index is moderate at 3. Tonight, expect cloudy skies with fog patches developing near midnight and a low of -2°C.

Sunday, April 14: The day starts cloudy, with fog patches dissipating in the morning. There is a 60 percent chance of showers by the afternoon. Light winds will continue, and temperatures will peak at 9°C, though the morning may feel as cold as -4. The UV index will again be moderate at 3. Nighttime will bring periods of cloudiness with a low near 0°C.

Monday, April 15: A mix of sun and cloud characterizes Monday, with a warmer high of 16°C. Cloudy periods will persist through the night, and temperatures will dip to a low of +2°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations

With chilly morning temperatures and potential showers, layering is key today. Start with a thermal base and add a water-resistant jacket. As the day warms up, lighter layers can be adapted to suit. For tonight and into Sunday, maintaining layers will be beneficial as fog and potential showers continue. Monday’s warmer conditions will allow for lighter attire, but always be ready to add a layer in the evening as temperatures drop.

Weather Trivia

Did you know? Sioux Lookout’s unique geographical setting, surrounded by numerous lakes and dense forests, contributes to its frequent and sudden fog formations, particularly in transitional weather periods like spring.

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