Thunder Bay’s Ultimate Grocery Deals Guide: Save Big From February 15 to February 22, 2024

Befriending self-checkouts seems inevitable

Navigate This Week’s Top Grocery Bargains

Thunder Bay shoppers, get ready to fill your carts with the best deals in town! From fresh produce to your favourite snacks, we’ve scoured local flyers to bring you the scoop on where to save. Whether you’re planning a cozy family dinner or stocking up on essentials, these deals are too good to pass up.

Fresh Finds at Freshco

  • Strawberries Delight: 454g pack at a sweet price of $3.48.
  • Pork Loin Special: Tender fresh pork loin in cryovac just $1.97/pound.
  • Snack Time Savings: Doritos and Ruffles chips at a crunchy $2.95.
  • Bathroom Essential: Giant pack of Compliments Bathroom Tissue for $14.94 with your scene card.
  • Potato Bonanza: 15 pounds of russet potatoes for $6.97.
  • Tea Time: Tetley tea 20-24 pack at $2.88.
  • Dental Deal: Crest toothpaste for just 96 cents.
  • Coffee Lover’s Dream: Kicking Horse Whole Bean Coffee 454g pack at $10.95, saving $6.94.

Metro’s Marvelous Offers

  • Prime Rib Feast: Red Grill Prime Rib roast at $7.99 a pound.
  • Breakfast Favorites: Maple Leaf Bacon for $4.88 and Jif Peanut Butter & Smuckers Jam at $5.49.
  • Cheesy Delight: Kraft Single Cheese slices at $3.99.
  • Morning Brew: Maxwell House or Folgers Coffee at $8.99.
  • Green Goodness: Asparagus at $2.99 a pound, and strawberries at the same sweet price.
  • Frozen Favorites: Rustica frozen pizza at $7.99, and Butterball turkeys at $2.99 a pound.

No Frills’ Notable Deals

  • Blueberry Bliss: 18 ounce clamshell at $4.44.
  • Pork Chops Promo: On sale for $1.99 a pound.
  • Pantry Staples: Heinz beans at 97 cents and Breyers Ice Cream for $3.99.

Safeway’s Savings

  • Citrus Special: Bag of Clementine oranges for $3.99 with a Scene card.
  • Meat Market: Air Chilled chicken breasts at $5.88 a pound, and family-sized stewing beef for $5.99 a pound.

Giant Tiger and Walmart Wonders

  • Pasta Perfection: Primo pasta at 77 cents for a 454 g pack at Giant Tiger, and Barilla Pasta for $1.27 at Walmart.
  • Dairy Delights: Parkay margarine at $1.88, and Black Diamond Cheese slices for $2.47 at Walmart.

Thunder Bay’s Own Renco Foods Exclusives

  • Butcher’s Best: Beef Top Sirloin roast at $6.99 a pound.
  • Pantry Stock-Up: 12 pack of Campbell’s soup for $11.49 and Kraft Dinner for $9.99.

Savvy Shopping Tips

  • Plan Ahead: Check your pantry and make a list to avoid impulse buys.
  • Price Match: Take advantage of stores that offer price matching to get the best deals across the board.
  • Bulk Buy: Stock up on non-perishables and freezer items when they’re on sale.
  • Loyalty Pays: Use store loyalty cards for additional savings and rewards.
  • Seasonal Shopping: Buy fruits and vegetables that are in season for the best prices and flavours.

Happy shopping, Thunder Bay! With these deals, you’re all set to enjoy great savings and delicious meals.

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