Thunder Bay Shoppers’ Guide to Savvy Savings: April’s Best Grocery Deals Unveiled

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THUNDER BAY – LIVING – As we navigate the challenges of keeping grocery bills within a reasonable range amidst rising prices and shrinking package sizes, our weekly Flyer Frenzy is here to guide Thunder Bay shoppers through the maze of deals that promise significant savings without compromising on quality.

From essential staples to premium meats and seasonal produce, we’ve scanned through the local grocery flyers to bring you the best deals from Freshco, Metro Foods, Giant Tiger, Safeway, and Walmart.

Freshco Finds: Quality Meats and Essentials at Bargain Prices

  • Beef Bargain: Eye of Round Roast Beef is just $3.97 per pound, a meaty deal for family dinners.
  • Seafood Special: Atlantic salmon, previously frozen, at a cool $9.97 per pound.
  • Dairy Deal: Lucerne cream 10% for your coffee or cooking needs at $1.97 per litre.
  • Frozen Veggie Value: Green Giant Frozen Vegetables, mix and match, 2 for $6.50.
  • Pantry Picks: Stock up on Barilla Pasta at $1.88 for a 410gm box and grab Pillsbury Crescent Rolls for $1.97 each.

Metro Marvels: Top Deals on Premium Meats and Groceries

  • Pork and Prime Rib Promos: Fresh Pork Back Ribs at $2.99 per pound and Prime Rib Roast at $7.88 per pound.
  • Turkey Time: Butterball fresh turkeys are seasonally priced at $2.44 per pound.
  • Lamb for Less: Fresh Lamb leg shank is a steal at $4.99 per pound.
  • Grocery Gems: McCain frozen French fries for $2.99 and Primo Spaghetti sauce at $2.49.

Giant Tiger Treasures: Exclusive Discounts on Comfort Foods

  • Ham Heaven: Smokehouse 1.5 kg ham is a festive offer at $9.97, with a limit of three.
  • Comfort Cuisine: Super Cinnamon apple pie and Laurie’s Cabbage rolls at just $5.97.
  • Breakfast Basics: Carver’s Bacon for $2.77 and Wonder Bread at $2.50 a loaf.

Safeway Specials: Unbeatable Prices on Fresh Produce and More

  • Produce Picks: Asparagus at $1.77 per pound and strawberries for $4.99 a clamshell.
  • Meat Deals: Fresh boneless Top Sirloin and Prime Rib capless roast at family-friendly prices.
  • Dairy and Frozen Finds: Natrel Lactose-Free milk at $4.88 and Swanson Hungry Man dinners for $4.99.

Walmart Wonders: Stock Up on Groceries Without Breaking the Bank

  • Turkey Time Again: Granny’s fresh turkey at an unbeatable $2.44 per pound.
  • Frozen Favorites: Breyer’s Ice Cream at $2.76 and McCain Superfries for $2.87.
  • Pantry Perks: Stovetop Stuffing at $1.27 and Rustica frozen pizza for those quick dinner fixes.

As always, our advice to Thunder Bay shoppers is to plan your grocery trips with a list and menu in mind, ensuring you make the most of these deals without unnecessary expenditure. Happy shopping, and may your carts be as full as your wallets allow!

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