Making the Money Last: Navigating Grocery Deals in This Week’s “Flyer Frenzy” (March 21-27)

Befriending self-checkouts seems inevitable

Stretching Your Dollar at the Checkout: A Comprehensive Guide to This Week’s Grocery Savings

Thunder Bay – LIVING – In an economy where the cost of living seems to ascend faster than inflation, making the weekly budget stretch until the next paycheck is becoming an increasingly challenging task for many families. Grocery prices, a significant part of household expenses, are no exception.

This week, our “Flyer Frenzy” feature scans through the jungle of grocery flyers to bring you the best deals from March 21 to March 27, helping you make your money last longer.

Savings Spotlight: Metro

  • Cheese Lovers’ Delight: Black Diamond Cheese blocks at a tempting $4.99.
  • Sweet Savings: Nab Oreo Cookies for just $1.99.
  • Fruity Deals: Grapes are priced at a juicy $2.44/pound.
  • Turkey Time: Fresh or Frozen Butterball Turkey for $2.44/pound, perfect for early holiday planning.
  • Bread Bonanza: Dempster’s breads are up for grabs, 2 for $6.
  • Breakfast Essentials: Snag Schnieder’s bacon or Lou’s pea bacon at $4.99, alongside Barilla Pasta and sauce at $1.27 each – a stock-up special.

Giant Tiger’s Grocery Gems

  • Pasta Perfection: Primo Pasta at only $1.25, with a limit of 6.
  • Salad Days: Dole Garden Salad or Coleslaw for a crisp $1.87 each.
  • Meaty Deals: Stampede Pork Back Ribs and Cobblestone Frozen Chicken Drums are $7.97, limit 3.
  • Butter Bargain: Lactantia Butter at $5.47/pound.
  • Wing It: Janes frozen chicken wings are just $9.99 a box.

Fresh Finds at Freshco

  • Ham Heaven: Compliments Ham is a steal at $1.97/pound.
  • Lamb Special: Frozen New Zealand lamb at $5.88 for a short cut lamb leg.
  • Potato Deal: Russet Potatoes, $4.97 for a 15-pound bag.
  • Ice Cream Dream: Parlour Ice Cream for $3.44.
  • Stock Up Alert: Unico Vegetable Oil at just $6.97 with your Scene Card.

Safeway’s Hot Price Event

  • Ham it Up: Hickory Smoked Ham on for $2.49.
  • Bacon Bliss: Compliments Bacon is $3.99 with your scene card.
  • Pizza Night: Dr. Oetker frozen pizza for $3.47, a stock-up price.
  • Turkey Deal: Butterball turkey at $2.49 per pound.
  • Canned Vegetable Variety: Niblets Corn and Green Giant canned vegetables are 3/$3.99.

Walmart’s Wallet-Friendly Finds

  • Beef Bargain: Fresh Ground beef at $2.77/pound.
  • Butter Deal: Gai Lea Butter at $4.87, limit four.
  • Stuffing Steal: Stove Top Stuffing at $1.27.
  • Coffee Coup: Tim Horton’s Roast Ground coffee at $15.97 for a 930 gram can.

This week’s “Flyer Frenzy” highlights the importance of smart shopping and how a little flyer scrutiny can go a long way in managing household expenses. By taking advantage of these deals, families can enjoy a diverse and nutritious menu without straining their finances. Happy savings!

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