Weather Overview: Snowy Days Ahead for Armstrong and Whitesand

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A Chilly and Snowy Weekend in Store

Residents of Armstrong and Whitesand are facing a cold and snowy weekend with temperatures dipping significantly and consistent snowfall in the forecast.

Today’s Weather Dynamics:

  • The day begins at a frigid -16°C, accompanied by light snow.
  • Periods of snow are expected throughout the day with accumulations of around 5 cm.
  • The east wind will pick up at 20 km/h, making the high of -10°C feel much colder.
  • The morning wind chill is set to hit -25°C, slightly improving to -15°C in the afternoon.

Tonight’s Forecast:

  • The snow continues into the night, adding another 5 cm.
  • With lighter winds up to 15 km/h, temperatures will drop to -14°C.
  • The evening wind chill will hover around -14°C, dropping further to -22°C overnight.

Looking Ahead to Sunday and Monday:

  • Sunday will see periods of snow ending early, then transitioning to a mix of sun and cloud.
  • A 30% chance of flurries persists throughout the day with a steady temperature near -15°C.
  • The night will be partly cloudy with occasional flurries and a low of -27°C.
  • Monday continues the trend of cloudy skies and a 30% chance of flurries, with highs around -12°C and lows at -14°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations:

  • Layering is crucial in these conditions; start with thermal undergarments and add multiple layers.
  • A heavy, insulated coat is essential, along with a hat, gloves, and a scarf to protect from wind chill.
  • Waterproof boots with good insulation are recommended to navigate the snowy conditions.

Weather Trivia: Did you know that the coldest temperature ever recorded in Canada was -63°C in Snag, Yukon, on February 3, 1947?

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