Armstrong and Whitesand Brace for Flurries Amid Chilly Winds

Weather Update Fall

Whitesand and Armstrong – Weather – The chill of the early morning is palpable in Armstrong and Whitesand, with a temperature of -4°C logged at 6:45 am. The skies are mainly cloudy, hinting at a 40% chance of snow flurries. As the day progresses, the wind is forecast to shift, blowing in from the southwest at 20 km/h, and gusting up to 40 km/h by early afternoon. Despite the chilly breeze, the temperature is expected to nudge up to a high of -1°C, although the wind chill might feel like -13°C in the morning and -5°C in the afternoon. With a low UV index of 1, the sun’s rays pose minimal risk today.

Tonight’s Forecast:

As nightfall descends, the clouds linger, and the chance of flurries remains at 40%, especially during the evening and post-midnight hours. Flurries are expected to begin after midnight, ushering in a soft white blanket over the region. The wind is set to change direction again, becoming westerly at 20 km/h before dawn. Tonight’s low is pegged at -3°C, with a wind chill near -9°C.

Sneak Peek into November 3:

Friday unfolds with flurries that are anticipated to last until late in the afternoon, depositing a local amount of 2 cm of snow. The wind continues its dance, switching to a northerly direction at 30 km/h, gusting up to a brisk 50 km/h in the morning. The temperature aims to reach the freezing point at zero, albeit with a morning wind chill of -9°C. The UV index remains low at 1, suggesting another day of minimal sun exposure risk.

Wardrobe Wisdom:

Given the chilly wind and chance of flurries, it’s wise to bundle up. Consider wearing layers that can be added or removed as needed, a warm hat, gloves, and a scarf to fend off the cold. Waterproof boots and a wind-resistant jacket will also come in handy to stay warm and dry during this flurry-prone time.

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