Freezing Rain Warning: Nipigon to Rossport Brace for Icy Conditions

Freezing Rain

NIPIGON – WEATHER – As of 5:09 am EST EC has issued a Freezing Rain Warning. The warning encompasses the areas from Nipigon through Marathon to Superior North, indicating freezing rain is expected to prevail this morning. Highways are likely to be slick and icy.

Hazardous Ice Accretion: A period of freezing rain is forecast, with potential ice accretion of a few millimeters, especially on elevated surfaces.

Timing of Freezing Rain: The icy precipitation is set to continue throughout this morning, posing risks for both pedestrians and motorists.

Mixed Precipitation Dynamics: The freezing rain might mix with snow and ice pellets at times, although lower-elevation areas near Lake Superior are expected to experience rain instead.

Surface Ice Risks: Freezing rain could render surfaces like highways, roads, walkways, and parking lots icy and slippery, significantly increasing the risk of accidents.

Preparation and Caution Advisory: Preparation is crucial to safely navigate through these icy conditions. Ensure to dress warmly, wear slip-resistant footwear, and exercise caution when walking or driving. For motorists, it’s advisable to have your vehicle winter-ready, equipped with winter tires, and carry an emergency roadside kit.

Community and Roadway Safety: Community members are advised to stay updated on weather advisories, avoid non-essential travel, and report any severe road conditions to local authorities.

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