Sachigo Lake: The Chilly Chronicles with a Flurry of Flurries!

Sweater Weather

SACHIGO LAKE – WEATHER – There are no weather alerts or warnings in effect for Sachigo Lake this morning.

Sachigo Lake greets the day with a cloudy curtain at a cool -2°C. With a gentle breeze up to 15 km/h, the temperature is expected to rise, but just shy of freezing, to -1°C. The wind chill will have us feeling a crisp -5°C, as the UV index stays low under the cloud cover.

Clothing Cue: Today Bundle up in cozy layers and don a wind-resistant jacket to brave the breeze. Your warmest hat and gloves are the day’s fashion stars!

Act II: Flurry Flirtations Tonight, the clouds continue their stay, but with a 40% chance of introducing some flurries to the scene. As temperatures dip to -6°C, the wind chill will take a bow at -10°C by the overnight hours.

Clothing Cue: Tonight An insulated jacket and a warm hat are your tickets to a comfy, cozy evening amidst the cool climate.

Act III: A Cloudy Curtain Call Saturday softens the chill a bit with a high of +1°C, though the morning wind chill at -10°C is a brisk beginning. The clouds persist in a calm choreography with the wind, flowing gently up to 15 km/h.

Clothing Cue: Saturday Keep warm with layers that can be shed as the day gently warms and snug boots to keep the morning chill at bay.

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