A Commanding Competitive Edge: What Sets Lux Solar Apart from the Rest of the Traffic Engineering Industry


As one of the only companies nationwide focusing on building and installing in-road solar lights, Lux Solar continues to innovate and look for solutions that saves lives.

That’s how Wael “Maj” Majdalawi, PE, PTOE, President of Lux Solar, operates. Unlike many other people who’ve dedicated their professional careers to traffic engineering but refuse to innovate, Maj’s modus operandi lies in constantly improving the products he creates.

The engineer spent decades serving the public and private sectors, working alongside peers at differing levels who refused to stray from standard operating procedure for one reason or another. So Maj developed and patented the reimagined in-road lights to satisfy his overwhelming urge to innovate and help facilitate better roadways for everyone that travels along them.

Though Lux Solar stands to benefit from the spread of its products, so do its customers and everyone on the roads. Not only do its in-road lights deliver the clearest messages, but Lux Solar’s devices are completely sustainable and powered by the sun.

Lux Solar, which offers two different types of solar-powered in-road lighting, remains completely in accordance with all rules and regulations outlined by various governmental organizations. In addition to being MUTCD compliant, the company’s devices remain safe for vehicles of all kinds to go over, and they are completely safe for pedestrians. The in-road lights are even lower to the ground than the typical Raised Pavement Markers (RPMs), making them ideal for walking or even biking over.

In addition to its forward-thinking sustainability and governmental compliance, Lux Solar’s products are extremely cost effective. Unlike a myriad of other solutions, the company’s in-road lights are both easy to install and require very little maintenance. In concert with the fact they don’t cost an arm and a leg, the entire process saves buyers a boatload of time, which — as the age-old cliché states — equals money.

With Lux Solar’s approach, everyone wins. Lux Solar, its buyers and, most importantly, drivers and pedestrians benefit greatly from the implementation of their products on roads.

The protection of the people plays right into the company’s mission: “Saving lives that we’ll never meet.” With buyers incentivized to purchase products from Lux Solar purely based on quality, low maintenance and easy installation, among other positives, the company’s mission becomes a distinct reality.

Maj and Lux Solar hope their disruption of the industry will awaken others to the inherent complacency of the industry, and challenge others in the space to be better and work toward a safer future for people on and around American roadways. Whether those people are in the private or public sector, Lux Solar’s aim is to focus everyone on keeping the general public as safe as possible.

An inherent dedication to public safety is another one of Lux Solar’s competitive edges and what makes it so enticing to work with. All of Lux Solar’s positives are clear and straightforward — much like their in-road lights.

If you’re interested in having Lux Solar’s products in your area, whether that’s on a dangerous highway or in a school zone, petition your local government. Being FDOT certified along with a myriad of successful projects throughout Florida and other states, the company is aiming to expand throughout the country — with its zero-crash goal inspiring it on a daily basis.

To find out more about Lux Solar, its products, its offerings and its team, visit its website. The company can also be found on its Instagram. Reach out to your Local Government today to find out how you can get in-road lights in your community.


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