May 6 2024: Fire Watch: New Wildland Fire in Northwest Region Under Control

Wildfire Update

Latest Updates on Outdoor Burning Regulations and Wildland Fires

THUNDER BAY – WILDFIRE UPDATE – The Northwest Fire Region of Ontario Outdoor Burning Regulations are now in full effect. Residents and Visitors to the region are urged to stay vigilant and updated as the fire season intensifies.

Current Fire Status

As of the latest report at 17:30 CDT today, there is one active wildland fire in the region, named Sioux Lookout 1 (SLK001).

This fire, detected west of Highway 599 near Ace Lake, is currently being held at 3.2 hectares.

Officials have acted promptly to control the situation, and the fire is not expected to spread under the current conditions.

Scheduled Fire Updates

Residents should note that fire situation updates will be available twice a week, with the next report scheduled for Thursday, May 9.

Regional Fire Hazard Assessment

The fire hazard levels range from low to moderate across most of the Northwest Region. However, there are areas, especially around the Fort Frances sector, where the hazard level is high. Community members living in or near these areas should exercise extra caution and stay prepared for any changes.

Burning Regulations Reminder

Aviation, Forest Fire, and Emergency Services are reminding everyone to strictly follow the Outdoor Burning Regulations. For those disposing of yard waste and woody debris, alternatives like composting or utilizing local landfill services are recommended. If burning is unavoidable, it should only commence no sooner than two hours before sunset and must be extinguished no later than two hours after sunrise. Ensuring you have the necessary tools and water to manage a fire is crucial for safety.

How to Report a Wildland Fire

For reporting wildland fires located north of the French and Mattawa rivers, please contact 310-FIRE. For fires south of these rivers, dial 9-1-1 immediately. Staying proactive in reporting can help manage fires effectively and prevent larger outbreaks.

Stay Connected and Informed

For ongoing tips on preventing wildland fires and to stay updated with real-time information, follow @ONforestfires and @ONfeudeforet on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter). Detailed information about the current fire situation can also be accessed at

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