Thunder Bay Weather: Grab Your Mittens Don’t be Silly Kittens

Weather Outlook Two Geese

Morning Chill:

Good morning, Thunder Bay! At 6:00 AM, the temperature is a brisk +4°C. It’s time to grab your gloves and hat as you step out. The sky is cloudy with a 30 percent chance of showers, so be prepared for a sprinkle or two. Later in the morning, the wind will become northwest at 20 km/h. Despite the chill, the day’s high will reach 12°C. The UV index is low at 2.

What to Wear:
Bundle up! Wear a warm coat, gloves, and a snug hat to keep warm. Don’t forget your trusty umbrella and a waterproof jacket to stay dry in case the showers decide to pay a visit.

Nighttime Comfort:
As night falls, the sky clears up a bit, becoming partly cloudy with a 30 percent chance of showers lingering. The wind, now from the northwest at 20 km/h, will become light late in the evening. The temperature will drop to a cool plus 3°C.

What to Wear:
Opt for a warm and comfortable nightwear. A cozy blanket and warm socks will add extra comfort. Keep your umbrella handy, just in case the showers make an appearance during your evening activities.

Wednesday’s Outlook:
Wednesday offers a mix of sun and clouds with a 30 percent chance of showers. The temperature will rise to a milder 14°C, providing a touch of warmth amidst the changing weather.

What to Wear:
Choose a versatile outfit suitable for both sunshine and potential showers. Layering is key – wear a light sweater or hoodie underneath a waterproof jacket. Don’t forget your umbrella and waterproof shoes to navigate the day with ease.

There you have it, Thunder Bay! Stay warm, stay dry, and be prepared for the varying weather. Embrace the autumn chill and enjoy the blend of cloudy days and sunny moments!

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