How to stay connected when travelling in Europe

Stay connected!

From Rome’s ancient Colosseum to Paris’ exquisite Eiffel Tower, Europe offers the most diverse travel destination with its rich landscape. Travellers across the world consider Europe to be the best travel destination for its interconnected countries.

Staying connected is also important when you travel abroad. Travelling to other countries can be a bit inconvenient when you want to stay connected to the Internet. Different countries have different network operators and will charge you international tolls when making calls. This could potentially hurt your travelling budget in the long run.

Stay connected!

Fortunately, eSIM is the answer to tackle this problem. eSIM, short for embedded SIM, is a digital SIM that allows you to access mobile data like a physical SIM card. It’s a revolution in the digital landscape that offers travellers convenience and the ability to stay connected wherever they are.

eSIM for better connectivity

Since its introduction in 2016, eSIM has become the standard for cellular phones and has begun to replace physical SIM cards. Travellers across the globe welcome this technology as you no longer have to worry about changing your SIM at the airport.

Android and iPhone also have made their devices to support eSIM for easier installation. This removes the need for you to constantly change SIM cards when moving between countries. Using eSIM also could potentially save your budget to avoid data roaming charges when making international calls.

Major network operators in Europe like T-Mobile, Vodafone, and Orange have supported the usage of eSIM for its service. One reliable eSIM provider in Europe is Holafly. You can get Europe eSIM easily through the Holafly service.

Holafly eSIM offers various benefits to travellers. It does not require any app to install as you can simply scan the QR code when you purchase a data roaming plan. The Holafly Europe SIM package also has an unlimited data plan so your quota won’t run out as long as you use this.

Upon purchasing, you will get an Austrian phone number to make and receive calls in Europe. It comes with 24/7 customer service in English and will provide you with assistance if you have any further questions about its service and coverage. Do note that some countries were excluded from this plan like Iceland, Norway, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Ukraine, and Turkey so you still have to consider this when making calls to these countries.

You can select from a five-day plan to a maximum of 90 days plan. When your plan expires, you can renew the plan by logging into the customer panel on the Holafly website. Once you find your purchased data plan history, simply purchase it again to activate it again. You can also keep your WhatsApp number making it easy to contact friends and family.

Holafly offers maximum speed coverage of 4G LTE and 5G connection. You no longer have to search for public WiFi as it gives the speediest internet coverage. But bear in mind that in some areas of limited coverage, there may be a lower-speed connection.

How to configure eSIM

Setting up eSIM is very straightforward and can be done at home without the need to come to the eSIM provider site. Just point your camera towards the barcode provided by the operators and your phone will automatically capture the settings and configure the eSIM.

Depending on your phone model and series, the virtual eSIM process is finished once you scan the barcode and select whether the eSIM will be used for calls and data or data only. As most eSIM operators provide unlimited quota, it is best to choose the calls and data option so you can receive any calls through phone, Whatsapp or Telegram.

However, you have to check your device compatibility with eSIM first before deciding to purchase one. To check your device compatibility with eSIM for Android, go to your phone settings. Open the “Connection” menu, go to “SIM manager” and find if an “Add eSIM” option is available. If it’s available then your device supports the eSIM function.

Another method you can try on Android is by typing “IMEI” in your search bar to directly find the “IMEI Information” option. Click the option and it will display several phone status info. If the “IMEI (eSIM)” status is set to available, it means that your device supports eSIM.

As for iPhone, go to the “Settings” and find the “Cellular” option. Inside this menu, you will see your phone’s currently active SIM card. Tap on the “Add mobile data plan” option and if the option to scan a QR code shows up, your iPhone supports eSIM.

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