27 Active Wildland Fires Blazing Across the Northwest Region

Wildfire Update

THUNDER BAY – Wildfire Report – Here are the updates fresh from the fire lines in the Northwest Region. As of this moment, we’re dealing with 27 active fires. One’s giving us a real run for our money, one’s under control, and six are already bowing down to our firefighting might. We’re keeping our eyes peeled on the other 19.

New Fire Alert

  • Just this late afternoon on September 2, we’ve spotted a newcomer:
  1. Thunder Bay 48: This little rascal is about 2.0 kilometers southwest of Prophet Lake and just 0.1 kilometers south of Shelby Creek. It’s a tiny 0.1-hectare fire, but it’s not under control yet. We’re on it!

The Wildland Fire Hazard

  • The fire hazard is a mixed bag out here, stretching from low to extreme across the Northwest Region. Down south and out west, we’re dealing with high to extreme hazards, while the north and east parts are hanging out in the low to moderate range. That’s a bit of a rollercoaster, isn’t it?

Outdoor Burning: Play by the Rules!

  • As we transition into the fall season, we need to be extra careful with outdoor burning. If you’ve got yard waste or woody debris, consider composting or heading to your local landfill instead. If you must burn, play by Ontario’s Outdoor Burning Regulations:
  • Fires should only start two hours before sunset and wrap up two hours after sunrise.
  • Always have the right tools and enough water to keep that fire contained.
  • Know the ins and outs of safe outdoor burning. Check out the full set of Outdoor Burning Regulations on our website.

Firework Safety

  • Fireworks bring some summer sizzle, but remember fire safety! If your fireworks spark a wildland fire, you’re on the hook for the bill. Think about enjoying organized fireworks events instead of setting off your own.

Help Us Out: Keep Clear of Waterbombers!

  • When our waterbombers swoop down for a refill, make sure you’re giving them space. They need to scoop safely from lakes and rivers, and if boats are in the way, it’s a no-go. Safety first, folks!

No Drones Allowed: Keep Away from the Flames!

  • Flying drones around forest fires is not just risky; it’s downright illegal. These little gadgets can jeopardize the lives of pilots, firefighters, and other heroes out there. Stay clear and stay safe!

Report a Wildland Fire

  • If you spot a wildland fire north of the French and Mattawa rivers, dial us up at 310-FIRE. For fires south of the French or Mattawa rivers, ring 911. We’re counting on you to help us keep these fires in check. Stay safe out there!
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