Northeast Region’s Current Fire Situation: 32 Active Wildland Fires

Wildfire Update

In the Voice of Smokey the Bear: Only You Can Prevent Wildfires!

Sault Ste. Marie – Wildland Fire Report – Right now, there are 32 active wildland fires causing concern. Three of these fires are under control, but we’re keeping a close eye on the other 29.

New Fire Alert!

  • Just today, in the late afternoon of September 2, we got word about a new forest fire:
  1. Sudbury 44: This little fella covers 0.2 hectares and is already under control. Great work, team!

Fire Hazard Alert

  • The fire hazard out here varies from low to high across the Northeast Region. We’ve got a moderate hazard stretching from Pembroke to North Bay and Parry Sound. For folks in Sudbury, Temiskaming Shores, and Timmins, you’re in a high hazard zone. As for our friends in the Far North, you’ve got a mix of moderate to high. To see what the situation looks like in your neck of the woods, check out our interactive map.

Smoke Forecast

  • If you’re curious about smoke conditions, visit to stay in the know about current and forecasted smoke conditions. And if smoke has you worried about your health, don’t hesitate to reach out to Telehealth Ontario at 811.

Help Us Prevent Forest Fires: Stay Clear of Waterbombers!

  • When our waterbombers swoop down to get a drink, it’s crucial to move close to the shore. This way, they can scoop safely. Remember, a waterbomber won’t scoop from a lake or river if there are boats in the way. Be safe, and keep your distance from waterbombers.

No Drones Allowed: Keep Away from Forest Fires!

  • Flying drones near forest fires is risky business and flat-out illegal. Doing so could put the lives of pilots, firefighters, and other brave souls at risk. So, let’s all be safe and stay away from forest fires with our drones.

Report a Wildland Fire

  • If you spot a wildland fire north of the French and Mattawa rivers, dial 310-FIRE. If you’re south of the French or Mattawa rivers and come across a forest fire, please don’t hesitate to dial 911. Remember, only you can prevent wildfires. So, stay safe, and let’s keep these forests green!
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