Neskantaga First Nation – Weather Whiplash: Showers, Clouds, and Sneaky Fog!

Neskantaga First Nation

Showers to Start, Cloudy Afternoon

Neskantaga First Nation, your weather story today is like a three-act play! Act one: we’re beginning the day with showers that will gracefully exit stage left near noon. But don’t worry; act two promises cloudy skies, as if the weather couldn’t make up its mind between sunshine and rain.

High of 16°C – UV Index Alert!

The temperature is set to reach a high of 16°C, perfect for a cozy day indoors with a good book or some Netflix binge-watching. The UV index is a modest 4 today, signaling “moderate” sunburn risk. So, while the clouds might dominate, sunscreen is still your trusty sidekick.

Nighttime Drama: Fog and a Few Clouds

As evening falls, we enter act three – a few clouds take the stage, and fog patches, like silent extras, develop after midnight. It’s like Mother Nature decided to throw in some atmospheric suspense. The wind will be from the north at a breezy 30 km/h, but it’ll become light near midnight. So, hold onto your hats!

Tuesday’s Mix of Sun and Cloud

Looking ahead to Tuesday, the playbill includes a mix of sun and clouds with a 30 percent chance of showers. It’s like the grand finale of a great performance. The high temperature is set at 18°C, promising a day where the weather can’t make up its mind.

Neskantaga First Nation’s weather is full of twists and turns, just like a gripping novel. Whether you’re dodging raindrops, watching the clouds, or unraveling the mysteries of fog, embrace each act with a sense of wonder.

And remember, if you capture any of these weather antics on camera, share them with us at! Your snapshots could be the talk of Neskantaga First Nation.

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