Weather Bulletin: Thunder Bay – A Symphony of Sunshine & Pleasant Temperatures!

Thunder Bay Court House from May Street

Today’s Forecast: “Bask in the Bay’s Beauty!”

Greetings, Thunder Bay! We’re off to a radiant start with a sunlit sky gracing our city. However, keep your eyes peeled for a dance of clouds by the afternoon, blending the blue skies with patches of white. Despite the occasional cloud cover, temperatures will rise to a pleasant 22°C – ideal for all your outdoor plans!

Tonight’s Forecast: “Stellar Skies Await!”

As day transitions to night, we’re in for clear skies, allowing us to admire the vast expanse of our cosmic neighborhood. With temperatures dipping to a cool 10°C, it’s a perfect setting for stargazing or enjoying a calm evening outdoors.

Tomorrow’s Highlights: “Sizzle & Sunshine!”

Tuesday, 15th August: The day promises an abundance of sunshine from dawn to dusk. But it’s not just the sun that’s turning up the heat. Temperatures are set to soar to a scorching 28°C, and with the humidity, it may feel even warmer at 31°C. It’s time to embrace the summer vibes, Thunder Bay!

UV Advisory:
Planning to step out? Remember to apply sunscreen generously and wear protective clothing. The summer sun, although lovely, can be intense!

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Thunder Bay, soak up the sun, stay hydrated, and cherish these golden summer days!

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