Weekend Travel Report: Weather Impacts on Northern Ontario and Beyond

Aviation Ticket

THUNDER BAY – Are you on the roads, or taking a flight? Headed to Toronto or Winnipeg for the big games as the Toronto Maple Leafs seek to tie the series? Or are you going to be a part of the Winnipeg Whiteout cheering on the Winnipeg Jets?

Regardless travel means knowing the conditions.

This weekend, travellers across Northern Ontario should be cautious of mixed weather conditions, including significant rain, snow, and possible thunderstorms affecting both road and air travel. Residents planning to use Sioux Lookout and other northern community airports are advised to check with their airlines due to possible weather disruptions.

Road Travel Update

Current Conditions and Advisories

Travellers are urged to check 511.ca for the latest road conditions as many areas, including Thunder Bay, Greenstone-Geraldton, and the Kenora region, will experience weather that could affect driving conditions. Heavy rainfall and sudden temperature drops are expected to cause slippery roads and reduced visibility.

Specific Regions to Watch
  • Thunder Bay and Surrounding Areas: Periods of rain and potential thunderstorms could lead to hazardous driving conditions, especially on Saturday.
  • Kenora and Lake of the Woods: Rain this weekend might cause water pooling on roads, increasing the risk of hydroplaning.
  • Greenstone-Geraldton: Significant rainfall expected, with potential flash flooding. Travellers should be cautious of water on roads.

Air Travel Concerns

Northern Community Flights

Due to the expected poor weather, including in Sioux Lookout, flights may be delayed or canceled. Travelers should stay in contact with their airlines for the most current flight information. Heavy downpours and gusty winds could impact flight schedules significantly.

Safety Tips

  • Driving: Ensure your vehicle is equipped with proper all-season or winter tires. Keep headlights on and maintain a safe distance from other vehicles.
  • Flying: Check your flight status before heading to the airport and allow extra time for travel to and from airports.
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