April 23, 2024: Urgent Winter Travel Advisory for Marathon to Schreiber

Winter Weather Update

THUNDER BAY – UPDATE – Travel along the north shore of Lake Superior may cause issues today. A special weather advisory is in effect for Marathon to Schreiber along Highway 17.

An urgent winter travel advisory is in effect for the Marathon to Schreiber region as of early this morning. A significant weather shift has prompted warnings of heavy snowfall and reduced visibility, impacting travel and safety conditions.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions As of 5:24 AM EDT, the area is beginning to experience a sharp transition in weather due to a south-moving cold front. Initial rain is quickly turning into heavy snow, which is expected to accumulate rapidly. The current temperature is just below freezing, and winds are picking up, exacerbating the cold feel and reducing visibility.


  • Snowfall: Accumulations of 5 to 10 cm are expected locally.
  • Visibility: Frequent reductions in visibility, particularly in heavier snow bands.

Timing The onset of snow began early this morning and is forecasted to continue into this afternoon. The heaviest snow is expected mid-morning.

Discussion The swift movement of a cold front across Marathon to Schreiber is transforming warmer rain into heavy snowfall. This sudden weather change is set to create treacherous driving conditions throughout the region. Visibility will likely be compromised by bursts of heavy snow. Roads, highways, and pedestrian paths are expected to quickly become icy and slippery.

Motorist Advisory Drivers are urged to be extremely cautious and to adjust travel plans to avoid the worst conditions. The potential for sudden drops in visibility and slippery surfaces will make travel hazardous. It is advised to keep updated on road conditions through official channels such as Ontario’s travel information at ontario.ca/511, twitter.com/511Ontario, or by dialing 5-1-1.

Tomorrow’s Forecast

Expected Conditions The snow is forecasted to taper off by late afternoon, but cold temperatures will continue, causing any remaining moisture on surfaces to freeze and remain a hazard. Wednesday will see clearer skies but remain brisk with daytime temperatures hovering around freezing.

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