Get Set for Back to the Future at Boulevard Lake!

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Your Favourite Films in Iconic Thunder Bay Locations!

THUNDER BAY – LIVING – Join fellow movie enthusiasts this Thursday, August 17th at scenic Boulevard Lake (main Park area) for an unforgettable evening under the stars.

Please be aware of the new start time – movies now kick off at 8 pm!

This Week’s Highlight: “Back to the Future”

Delight in the cinematic classic, “Back to the Future”, this Thursday evening. A film that’s withstood the test of time, it showcases the incredible journey of Marty McFly as he travels back to the 1950s with the help of an eccentric scientist’s time machine. Chaos ensues as he meets his young parents and inadvertently alters his own future.

Synopsis: Marty McFly, played by the iconic Canadian actor Michael J. Fox, finds himself trapped in the past after a time travel experiment goes awry. With the help of Dr. Emmett Brown, he must find a way to repair history and return to his own time, all while navigating the quirks and challenges of the 1950s. It’s a thrilling blend of comedy, sci-fi, and drama, with the charm of Michael J. Fox leading the way.

Special Note on Michael J. Fox: This beloved Canadian actor is not only known for his memorable roles but also for his outstanding contributions to Parkinson’s disease research, having been diagnosed with the condition in the early 1990s.

Movies Under the Stars 2023 Series Schedule

  • Thursday, Aug. 17 – Boulevard Lake
  • Thursday, Aug. 24 – Vickers Park
  • Sunday, Oct. 15 – Special Matinee at the 55 Plus Centre

Get Ready for the Ultimate Experience!

Make it a memorable evening by coming out early to engage in fun lawn games from 7-8 pm. Don’t forget to bring along blankets, comfy lawn chairs, your favourite snacks, and beverages. As the evening breeze sets in, consider wearing warmer clothing to keep cozy while you’re engrossed in the movie magic.

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