Weather Report: Fort Frances & Atikokan – From Showers to Sunbeams!

Rainy River District Judicial Vacancy to be Filled
Courthouse in Fort Frances.

Today’s Forecast: “Drizzles & Dramatics!”

Greetings to the folks of Fort Frances & Atikokan! Mother Nature is in the mood for some drama today, sprinkling our day with showers and possibly amplifying it with a thunderstorm. Make sure you’re armed with umbrellas and rain boots!

Rain Readings & UV:
Expect to gather a local amount of 10 to 15 mm. Temperatures are humming a tune of 17°C, and for those sneaking peeks of the sun, a UV index of 4 suggests you lather up some sunscreen.

Tonight’s Forecast: “Dusky Drops & Echoes of Thunder”

The evening promises a blend of calm and clamor! Clouds are set to dominate, presenting us with a 60% chance of some more rain. And if you’re a fan of the sky’s percussion, there’s a chance of a thunderstorm performance later in the evening.

Nighttime Numbers:
Cosy up! As nighttime temperatures promise a comfortable 14°C.

Tomorrow’s Overview: “A Glimpse of Gold Amidst Grays”

Saturday, 12th August: While clouds may hold their sway for most of the day, they’re teasing us with just a 30% chance of showers. But keep your ears perked, as a thunderstorm might roll in late in the afternoon.

Temperature & UV Insights:
With a high aiming for 21°C (feeling like 25°C with the humidex), it’s set to be a warm day. A UV index of 5 nudges you to keep your sun protection close.

🌈 Rainy Rambles & Thundering Tales 🌈
Had an unexpected shower lead to an adventure? Or did a thunderstorm backdrop a memorable moment? Share your weather-woven stories with us at

To the lively souls of Fort Frances & Atikokan, let the weather be your muse! Whether it’s a rumble in the sky or a shimmering sunbeam, find joy in every droplet and ray!

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