Sault Ste. Marie Weather Outlook Rainy Friday Rewarded with Sunny Saturday

Barbecue Ribs are always a favourite
Barbecue Ribs are always a favourite

SAULT STE. MARIE – WEATHER – If you are planning to fire up the grill for some weekend barbecue, then Saturday is your day. Sunny skies will follow the rain on Friday.

Sault Ste. Marie residents begin their Friday under the veil of a light rainshower, setting a cool and damp tone. As the community progresses through this early May morning, they’re witnessing a transition from rain to clearer skies later in the day, marking a promising start to the weekend.

Today’s Weather Overview

Current Conditions

As of 6:29 AM EDT at the Sault Ste. Marie Airport, the environment is draped in light rain, with the temperature at a chilly 9.1°C. The dew point sits at 7.5°C, contributing to a high humidity of 90%. The wind is mild, coming from the southeast at only 4 km/h, and the visibility remains good at 24 km despite the rain. The pressure is recorded at 101.3 kPa and is on a downward trend, indicating more immediate changes in the weather.

Expected Conditions

Friday: Rain showers are expected to cease around noon, followed by clearing skies. The region may receive a significant amount of rain, around 10 to 15 mm, before the weather clears up. Temperatures will rise to a more comfortable 15°C, with the UV index reaching a high level of 6. Tonight, skies will be clear, turning to partly cloudy after midnight as temperatures drop to a low of plus 2°C.

Saturday, May 4: The day will begin mainly sunny, with winds picking up from the east at 20 km/h around noon. The high for the day will once again be 15°C, with the UV index increasing to 7. The night will turn cloudy, with temperatures maintaining at a low of 6°C.

Sunday, May 5: The day is set to start with cloudy skies but will clear up as the day progresses. The high will be slightly cooler at 12°C. The night promises clear skies with the temperature falling to a low of plus 2°C.

Wardrobe Recommendations

For today’s variable weather, carrying a raincoat or umbrella is advisable until the rain stops. Dress in layers to adjust comfortably as conditions shift from cool to milder. Over the weekend, lighter layers can be worn during the day, with an additional warmer layer for the chilly evenings.

Weather Trivia

Sault Ste. Marie is no stranger to dramatic shifts in weather. On record, the city experienced a dramatic temperature swing in May 1990, where temperatures peaked at 30.2°C, showcasing the potential for early heatwaves in the region.


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