Thunder Bay: A Game of Clouds and Showers – High Stakes, High Spirits!

The Alexander Henry awaits Coast Guard Day!
The Alexander Henry awaits Coast Guard Day!

Thunder Bay – Weather – It is a full Saturday in Thunder Bay, from Yard Sales and Garage Sales to the Rendezous at Fort William Historical Park, celebrating the 50th anniversary, where the dignitaries include a visit from the Lt. Governor of Ontario, to the amazing day celebrating the Coast Guard at the Lakehead Transportation Museum where four Coast Guard vessels join the Alexander Henry at the Transportation Museum of Thunder Bay. Don’t let the weather slow you down!

We’ve got an exciting game today with clouds and showers trying to take the weather spotlight. Curious to know more? Let’s get into it!

Today: Cloudy Skies, Potential Showers – High of 23

Clouds have scheduled a day-long occupation of our skies today. They’re doing a pretty solid job, too. But we’ve got some variety in our weather mix as showers might make a 40% appearance. Despite the grey skies, we’re looking at a warm high of 23 degrees. It’s a great day for some cozy indoor fun!

UV Index at a High 6: Sun Playing Peek-a-Boo but UV is Here to Stay!

Our sun might be playing hide and seek behind the clouds, but the UV rays aren’t shy! With a UV index at a high 6, don’t be tricked by the cloud cover. Your sunscreen is your loyal friend, Thunder Bay, don’t forget it if you’re out and about.

Tonight: Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Early Evening Showers – Low of 12

As we head into the night, our cloud friends decide to thin out a bit, giving us partly cloudy skies. Early evening, however, may bring a 40% chance of showers – perhaps they’re not quite ready to say goodnight! As we tuck in for the night, we’re looking at a comfy low of 12 degrees. Perfect weather for some warm cocoa and a good book!

So, Thunder Bay, let’s make the most of this day with a smile and a sprinkle of laughter. After all, “There’s no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” Enjoy your day!

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