National Chief RoseAnne Archibald Removed from Office Following Assembly of First Nations Investigation

Ontario Regional Chief Roseanne Archibald
National Chief Roseanne Archibald

Investigation and Audit Results Lead to Removal of National Chief

OTTAWA, ON – The Assembly of First Nations (AFN) held a Special Chiefs Assembly (SCA) on June 28th, implementing the provisions of AFN Resolution 03/2022. This resolution demanded an audit and investigation into AFN’s Financial and Management Policies. The assembly aimed to disclose the findings of a human resources investigation to the First Nations-in-Assembly and to manage the fallout from the investigation concerning the National Chief and AFN staff.

Chiefs Pass Resolution to Remove Archibald from Position

The resolution, moved by Chief Irene Kells of Zhiibaahaasing First Nation and supported by Chief Kyra Wilson of Long Plains First Nation, was approved by the First Nations-in-Assembly. This resolution, labelled as Resolution 01, AFN Article 22, Charter Procedures, decided to oust RoseAnne Archibald from the AFN’s Board and her role as National Chief.

This resolution is a consequence of a human resources investigation into complaints against the National Chief, in addition to Resolution no. 03/2022 passed by the First Nations-in-Assembly in Vancouver during the July 2022 AFN Annual General Assembly.

Steps Forward: Interim Chief and Election

The resolution additionally instructs the Executive Committee to follow the procedures outlined in Article 22(3) of the AFN Charter. The committee is to select an interim National Chief from among its members and schedule an election to be held at the Special Chiefs Assembly in December 2023.

Response to the Investigation

“After reviewing the Investigation Summary Report and hearing from National Chief RoseAnne Archibald, the First Nations-in-Assembly accepted the Report and ordered RoseAnne Archibald’s removal from the position of National Chief,” reported AFN Nova Scotia Regional Chief Paul Prosper. “This decision stemmed from Archibald’s violation of the Whistleblower Policy and breach of the Executive Committee’s Code of Conduct. The position of National Chief will remain vacant until an interim National Chief is chosen from the Executive Committee. As directed by First Nations-in-Assembly, an election will be scheduled for the December 2023 SCA.”

“The Chiefs and Proxies in Assembly voted on this resolution, with 163 in favour, 62 opposed and 6 abstaining,” added Chief Prosper. “We will comply with the directives outlined in the resolution, based on the decisions made today by the First Nations-in-Assembly and in accordance with the resolution’s terms. We anticipate returning to the essential work of advancing First Nations priorities and representing the best interests of our communities. We extend our best wishes to RoseAnne Archibald in her future pursuits.”

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