What is corporate tourism and why does your company need it

What is corporate tourism and why does your company need it

Corporate tourism originated in the 60s. Employees of big companies independently organized journeys with colleagues: they rented or even bought mansions and villas for the needs of the organization, and traveled in trailers and equipped vans.

With the development of the tourism industry, the organization of corporate tours has increasingly become trusted by professionals. So there were specialized agencies that were engaged exclusively in business tourism. Gradually, photographers, videographers, guides, and business coaches joined the organization of events and the services like charter bus rental Brooklyn NY became more and more widespread. It turned out that the information received in an informal setting is much better absorbed and fixed in memory.

For whom are business tours organized and why do you need a Brooklyn bus rental?

For strategic partners and key customers

An informal atmosphere during negotiations is considered a sign of good taste in modern business. The days of many hours of meetings and planning meetings remained in the dusty offices of officials.

Why negotiate in the close framework of the cabinet, if you can rent a charter bus company Brooklyn and solve current affairs over a cup of tea near a mountain river, discuss a lucrative contract during lunch in a cafe near the Brooklyn bridge, or analyze the risks of working with a client in the picturesque place after the sightseeing trip?

The key point in such negotiations is psychological comfort. Corporate MICE tourism is a new level of doing business.

If we are not talking about negotiations, then a corporate trip will be the best reward for partners for successful sales and an effective way to tie customers to the brand. In addition, a joint trip to nearby cities using bcsbuscharter.com will create conditions for communication and exchange of experience between partners from different regions and countries, which can have a positive impact on business results.

A corporate trip will be the best reward for partners for successful sales and an effective way to link customers to your company’s brand

For top managers

Rewarding employees with such an exclusive bonus will bring the company more dividends in the long run than a banal bonus. And if there are conflicts between top managers, a specially designed joint adventure program will help resolve them.

For ordinary employees

This is an ideal way to make a strong team out of a divided team. Team building in the shortest possible time, combined with rest, good mood, and pleasant memories. Many companies in New York choose to rent charter bus Brooklyn and organize special team-building courses to achieve productive work, but their main problem is that only one side is interested. Everyone is interested in corporate tourism.

What is the ideal length of a corporate trip?

Of course, the longer the corporate vacation lasts, the more expensive it will cost the company. A corporate journey should last between 2-4 days, given the road to the main destination is not excessively lengthy.

Weekend trips are very popular because they do not burden people with their length (childcare, sports clubs, and trips to the doctor can interfere with long-term rest). Furthermore, weekend tours almost never involve working days, which is advantageous to the client’s company.

How much does corporate tourism cost?

There are no standard amounts of expenses for corporate holidays, but if you plan everything, then the tour will be cheaper for corporate clients than for individuals. The tour budget for corporate groups consists of mandatory expenses, which cannot be excluded, and additional expenses.

Mandatory expenses:

Logistics costs. This includes the costs of air travel and ground transfers – bus and rail. However, bus companies in Brooklyn can offer different rates, so you can choose something that suits you most.

Accommodation and meals. Accommodation in hotels for a corporate group can be single or double. Double occupancy allows you to reduce the budget for accommodation by 2 times. Of course, it is possible to combine single and double accommodation. Nutrition is an equally significant item in the estimate. The cost, as in the case of accommodation, strongly depends on the level of the institution, as well as on the region.

Program. These are all program-related expenses, including all excursions, events, and entertainment classes.

Extra expenses:

The Gala dinner concludes the business tour that includes a banquet table, an organizer, a show program, fireworks, a bar with cocktails, and much more. The options are practically limitless. If an activity that involves work is planned, such as a master class, brainstorming, or conference services and business coaches are available.

Why is corporate tourism so important?

Encouraging staff with corporate trips solves a variety of problems, including recreation, interaction with coworkers, successful team building, and even career growth. Transferring rewards from the material plane to the amusement sphere has been scientifically proven to boost staff productivity.

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