Wildfires Persist in Northwest Region: Detailed Report on the Current State of Affairs

Wildfire Update

Thunder Bay – WILDFIRE UPDATE – As of the late afternoon on June 16, 2023, two new wildfires were confirmed in the Northwest Region, bringing the total number of active fires in the region to 37.

The new fires, Thunder Bay 22 and Sioux Lookout 42, are located northwest of English River and within the community of Pickle Lake respectively, and are currently not under control. In addition, another fire, Sioux Lookout 41, discovered the previous evening near Lynxpaw Creek, is now under control. The wildland fire hazard is currently high to extreme throughout the region.

There are several fires of note in the region, including Sioux Lookout 7, Nipigon 13, and Red Lake 28. Sioux Lookout 7, situated north of Cat Lake First Nation, is the largest at 11,571 hectares, but hose lines have been established on the southern end of the fire closest to the community. Nipigon 13, located west of Ogoki Lake, is 1,896 hectares and not under control, despite helicopter bucketing operations. Red Lake 28, 50 kilometers north of Lac Seul First Nation, is 3,604 hectares and also not under control, with values assessment and protection ongoing.

  • Two new fires were confirmed in the Northwest Region by the late afternoon of June 16.
    • Thunder Bay 22 is located 2 kilometres northwest of English River. The 0.1 hecatre fire is not under control.
    • Sioux Lookout 42 is located within the community of Pickle Lake. The 0.4 hectare is not under control.
  • One fire was discovered following the previous update in the evening hours of June 15.
    • Sioux Lookout 41 is located near Lynxpaw Creek, approximately 84 kilometres north of Sioux Lookout. The 0.1 hectare fire is under control.
  • Northwest Fires of Note
    • Sioux Lookout 7 is located north of Cat Lake First Nation and is 11,571 hectares in size. Hose lines have been established on the southern end of the fire closest to the community while the northern section is being monitored. The fire remains not under control.
    • Nipigon 13 is located west of Ogoki Lake and is 1,896 hectares in size and not under control. Helicopter bucketing operations provided support yesterday.
    • Red Lake 28 is located 50 kilometres north of Lac Seul First Nation and is 3,604 hectares in size and not under control. Values assessment and protection are ongoing.

Restricted Fire Zone Continues

Due to the extreme forest fire hazard, the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry has declared a Restricted Fire Zone for the entire fire region of Ontario, from Zones 1 to 36.

This restriction, in effect until further notice, prohibits open air burning, including campfires, within the zone’s boundaries. However, portable gas or propane stoves can be used for cooking and warmth, but must be handled with extreme caution. All burning permits are currently suspended.

To report a wildland fire, dial 310-FIRE for locations north of the French and Mattawa rivers, or 911 for locations south of these rivers.

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