April 22, 2024 – Northeast Ontario Wildfire Update: Low to Moderate Fire Hazard as Burning Regulations Take Effect

Wildland Forest Wildfire Update

Provincial fire authorities urge adherence to safety guidelines amidst calm wildfire conditions

THUNDER BAY, ON – April 22, 2024 – Aviation, Forest Fire, and Emergency Services has released a new report regarding the current wildland fire situation in the Northeast Fire Region. Regular updates will be provided every Monday and Thursday to keep the community informed on fire conditions and safety measures.

Fire Situation Overview: As of 17:10 today, there are no active wildland fires in the Northeast Region. The only recent incident, Wawa 3 (WAW003), occurred approximately 15 kilometers east of Manitouwadge. This small fire, covering an area of 0.3 hectares, was successfully controlled and extinguished within a day, from April 18 to April 19.

Current Fire Hazards: The region experiences a low to moderate fire hazard, particularly in areas south of Timmins and Wawa. Despite the calm conditions, local authorities continue to stress the importance of vigilant fire management and adherence to safety regulations.

Compliance with Burning Regulations: With Ontario’s Outdoor Burning Regulations now in effect, residents are reminded of the crucial practices for conducting outdoor burns safely. Recommended alternatives for disposing of yard waste include composting or using municipal landfill options. If burning is necessary, it is regulated to begin no sooner than two hours before sunset and must be extinguished no later than two hours after sunrise, with adequate tools and water on hand to manage the fire.

How to Report a Fire: Residents north of the French and Mattawa rivers should report wildland fires by dialing 310-FIRE. For those located south of these rivers, 9-1-1 is the contact number for reporting fires.

Staying Informed: For additional tips on preventing wildland fires and updates on fire conditions, the public can follow Aviation, Forest Fire, and Emergency Services on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly Twitter), available in both English and French at @ONforestfires and @ONfeudeforet. More detailed information can be found at www.ontario.ca/forestfire.

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