Traders Union Experts Answer The Question: Should I Sell My Dogecoin?


The entire crypto market is definitely far from its all-time highs, but that doesn’t mean it’s over for most cryptocurrencies. Even if your investment has lost a large portion of its value, there’s always a chance it will grow back in the nearest future. In a recent Traders Union article, the experts have updated their predictions for the price of DOGE that stretch out all the way to 2035.

What affects the DOGE price

Launched in 2013, Dogecoin (traded under the symbol DOGE) was created as a joke and became the first example of memecoin. However, the growing crypto market clearly liked this joke, and the market cap of the coin reached about $90 million in just a couple of months. DOGE has remained speculative since then, and its most impressive surge took place in 2021 when it was mentioned by Elon Musk. Its dependence on news and opinions is not a good thing for long-term stability, but DOGE still holds the 9th place among all cryptocurrencies by market cap, and there are reasons to believe in it.

While the project develops rather slowly, the community around Dogecoin is known to be rather strong and supportive, and that allows the coin to attract more investors even during these times. It’s popular and widely used: you can find it on most major exchanges. DOGE is scalable and decentralized, so its resulting stability is also a great advantage. But you are probably wondering about one thing: should I sell my Dogecoin or not?

Should you sell your DOGE

Traders Union experts have reviewed the current situation on the market and found DOGE promising: they expect it to grow from the present price of $0.075 to almost $0.13 by the end of 2023. Their most optimistic scenario is even more ambitious: it suggests DOGE will cost $0.15 in December, and that is a 100% growth rate. However, you should remember that the market is currently very unstable: it’s not unpredictable, but you should remember that long-term predictions might not be too precise.

In the middle of 2025, the experts expect DOGE to cost $0.185, and they expect it to cross the $1 bar somewhere around the beginning of 2030. They suggest that Dogecoin can reach $2 around 2035, so that makes it a very interesting investment option right now. In short, if you have already bought some DOGE, take your time and don’t rush to cash out. And if you don’t have any, now is probably the ideal entry point for a long-term investment.

What will become of the market

Traders Union analysts make forecasts for other cryptocurrencies as well. In their latest Solana crypto prediction, the experts say it can go up as much as 20% during the next month and hit the $35 bar by the end of 2023. SOL is not the only coin that’s expected to grow. The entire market seems to recover, so it looks like a great opportunity to buy, according to Traders Union.

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