Two Minutes: Winter Wonderland Time in the Snow with Children


A snowy day can be a magical time for children, with the opportunity to build snowmen, make snow angels, and enjoy the winter wonderland. Here are some fun activities to keep your children entertained on a snowy day:

  1. Build a snowman: Building a snowman is a classic winter activity that children of all ages love. Encourage your children to get creative and decorate their snowman with hats, scarves, and buttons.
  2. Go sledding: Sledding is a fun and exciting activity for children. Find a local hill or park with a gentle slope and bring along some sleds for an afternoon of fun.
  3. Have a snowball fight: A snowball fight is a great way to get active and burn off some energy. Just make sure to set some ground rules and make it a safe and friendly game.
  4. Make snow art: Use food coloring and spray bottles to create colorful designs in the snow. Or, fill up spray bottles with water and create ice sculptures by spraying water onto objects outside.
  5. Make hot cocoa: After a long day of playing in the snow, there’s nothing better than warming up with a cup of hot cocoa. Let your children help you make the cocoa, and top it off with whipped cream and marshmallows for a delicious treat.
  6. Have a movie day: If the weather is too cold to go outside, have a cozy movie day indoors. Snuggle up with blankets and popcorn and enjoy a family-friendly movie.
  7. Bake winter treats: Baking is a great indoor activity on a snowy day. Make winter-themed treats like snowflake cookies or gingerbread houses for a fun and festive activity.
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