Extreme Cold Warnings For Far North Ontario

Extreme Cold Warning

Sachigo Lake – Weather – Extreme Cold Warnings have been issued for Sachigo Lake – Bearskin Lake, wash Cree Nation, and Peawanuck due to an anticipated multi-day spell of bitterly cold wind chills.

The hazardous conditions are predicted to bring wind chill values close to minus 45.

The frigid conditions are expected to commence tonight and extend into Sunday morning, possibly continuing throughout next week. While temperatures may be less severe during the daytime, dangerously cold conditions will persist.

The risk of harm is heightened for certain groups including young children, older adults, individuals with chronic illnesses, those working or engaging in outdoor activities, and those lacking proper shelter.

To stay safe, it is crucial to dress warmly and in layers that can be easily removed if you feel too warm. Ensure that the outermost layer is wind-resistant to protect against the cold.

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