51-Year-Old Faces Speeding and Stunt Driving Charges

tbps stunt driver charged
TBPS stunt driver charged

Speedy driver faces licence suspension, stunt driving charge

Thunder Bay – News – A local motorist faces charges of speeding and stunt driving after they were observed driving at a high-rate of speed on Monday morning.

A member of the Thunder Bay Police Service’s Traffic Unit was in the area of Central Avenue and Balmoral Street conducting traffic enforcement Monday morning. The officer’s presence was a response to recent public complaints about speeding in the area.

During this enforcement, the officer observed a pickup truck travelling eastbound on Central Avenue at a high-rate of speed. The officers’ observations were confirmed by RADAR, which showed they were travelling at 93 km/h on a roadway with a posted maximum speed limit of 50 km/h.

In addition to this area being the subject of recent public complaints, the motorist was also just 200 meters away from the TBPS headquarters.

The 51-year-old Thunder Bay man received court summons’ for the offences of speeding 93/50 and stunt driving – speeding by 40 or more km/h in a zone that is less than 80 km/h.

The vehicle has been impounded for 14 days and the motorist faces a 30-day licence suspension, and must attend court.

Motorists are reminded that members of our Traffic Unit and Primary Response Branch conduct traffic and speed enforcement on an ongoing basis. Traffic enforcement may be part of regular patrols or could target areas of public concern.

No matter where you are in the city, motorists are expected to ensure the roadways are safe for other motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians. This can be achieved by always ensuring you are driving sober, are without distraction, and following all the rules of the road.

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