Tbaytel successful at federal spectrum auction

Tbaytel excited to launch 5G for Thunder Bay powered by Ericsson
Tbaytel excited to launch 5G for Thunder Bay powered by Ericsson

THUNDER BAY – TECH – Tbaytel has tripled its 600 MHz holdings to bolster its 5G coverage in northern Ontario after the results of a recent spectrum auction by Innovation, Science, and Economic Development (ISED) Canada.

The federal government announced the winners of its residual spectrum license auction Jan. 25 with Tbaytel receiving two licenses for 600MHz, bringing its total of the highly sought-after spectrum to 30MHz. This is integral to Tbaytel’s current and future expansion of 5G services throughout challenging northern Ontario terrain by providing deep indoor and rural coverage.

5G will offer a much faster and more reliable connection than traditional Wi-Fi. It promises faster speeds and the ability to handle more devices at the same time, as well as the capability to process data more quickly. With 5G, networks are expected to be able to support millions of devices and have a latency rate of 1 millisecond or less. This means that 5G could enable new applications and services such as self-driving cars, virtual reality, and more. It could also help to reduce the need for physical infrastructure, as well as the cost of maintaining them. Additionally, 5G will also provide better security, since it is more difficult to access the network than traditional Wi-Fi networks

“This auction was a competitive bidding process and Tbaytel is proud to have been able to win valuable spectrum that strengthens our wireless network in this competitive Canadian telecommunication landscape,” said Tbaytel President and CEO Dan Topatigh.

“Spectrum is essential for providing a modern wireless communication network with varying bands required in order to address coverage, capacity and latency across Tbaytel’s serving territory. Coupled with the 190MHz of 3500 MHz won in past auctions, which is ideal for urban and suburban demands, Tbaytel’s latest success continues to strengthen its position and future-proof its network.”

5G service operates over traditional and new frequency bands in the low, mid and millimetre-wave ranges. Itbrings unprecedented speeds, more capacity and transforms possibilities for the people and businesses Tbaytel serves in northern Ontario.

To learn more about Tbaytel’s launch of 5G and how you can experience the latest in cutting edge wireless technology, visit tbaytel.net/5g

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