How Jonathan Jay, a Successful Content Creator, and Dealmaker, Sold Businesses for Millions to Private Equity


    In a nutshell, private equity can be defined as the investment of equity capital in private companies. In a typical private equity deal, an investor buys a stake in a private company to ultimately realize an increase in the value of that stake. Private Equity companies have raised capital from investors and created funds, with each fund likely having its legal mandate.

    Influencer Jonathan Jay has been a successful investor for decades. Specializing in private equity, he’s made a name for himself by taking risks that few would even consider taking and making controversial calls as part of his investment strategy. While risks never posed a problem for him, it took discipline to learn proper management. Today, he is the perfect guide to teach you how selling your business to a private equity group may be a good option.

    You are likely to stumble upon this serial investor when googling how to buy a business without risking your capital. Luckily, Jonathan’s journey will surely be a guiding light for future business owners and investors like you.

    Although Jonathan first sold a business in 1999 and bought it in 2006, it was only five years ago that he started showing other people how to do it. After purchasing a group of companies from a private equity fund for £1 and selling them 11 months later for more than £1m, more and more people asked him to explain how they could do it too.

    Keeping up with his professional endeavors, he did move forward, and his one-off event eventually became – one of the world’s leading training companies for people who want to learn how to buy a small business without cash or risk.

    Later, Jonathan sold businesses for millions to private equity and closed many deals. Over 12,500 people have attended his courses worldwide. He has built the 4th largest nursery school businesses in the UK, using the very same methods he now teaches others to build new businesses from scratch even without investment. He truly practices what he preaches, which is why his training is the most effective training available today.

    It is safe to say that Jonathan Jay is the perfect entrepreneur. After all, he is a man who bought a massive number of businesses, 48 to be precise, during the pandemic when the business world struggled to stay afloat. Follow him on LinkedIn to learn more about him and what he has to offer.




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