Freeing Himself from the Gloom and Depression of Drug Addiction, Jonathan Bobby Opp Is Helping Others Become Active Members of the Society


Numerous studies explain how substance abuse or drug addiction deranges the human mind. It’s not just a bad habit that makes you dependent on life-threatening substances, it opens a pandora’s box when one gets on the path of drug abuse. Social, psychological, and physical impacts suck the life out of the addicts, and that is a harsh place to be. Mental health coach and social media influencer Jonathan Bobby Opp bravely fought his way out of the depths of drugs and depression and is now passionately helping others reclaim their lives.

Bobby had a difficult childhood marked by the tremendous loss of his mother while he was young and subjected to sexual abuse. These events made him an emotionally alienated young man with deep-rooted traumas and emotional issues. Dealing with the pain of depression and desolation, he found solace in drug abuse, only to fall deeper into the mess. In the midst of all this chaos, Bobby’s first attempt at a family and partnership ended in divorce after ten years of marriage. The divorce served as a turning point for him, as he decided to take back the reins of his life.

Getting off drugs is a formidable task where one fights oneself. Fighting an external enemy is easier; battles that are inbound are a lot more debilitating and frustrating. In the end, it’s about one’s own dedication, willpower, and resilience that help one overcome addiction, and Bobby showed plenty of that. His mental strength is epitomized in his approach to sobriety – he lived off-road and ate berries to survive and, in the process, got himself clean of drugs and depression.

Bobby’s journey to sobriety was soul-rewarding in the true sense of the term; he got to look within himself and figure out the real reasons behind all the negativity and alienation that marked his social existence. The lessons learned on this journey were so powerful that Bobby freed himself from drug abuse and decided to help others attain the same.

Bobby talks about looking within for answers, for peace that’s missing in your life, and practicing meditation to allow calmness to rule. Unresolved trauma and unsorted feelings can wreak havoc in life by superimposing the gloom from the past onto the present and the future. Exploring oneself and validating one’s own feelings helps heal the deep scars of grief, dejection, and loneliness.

Bobby Opp is a social media influencer now with a massive organic following, helping people with his deep but practical advice on positivity, meditation, focus, and a balanced lifestyle for success and happiness.



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