Nigerian Techpreneur Khalil Halilu Shed Light on Unleashing Your True Potential and Finding Opportunities in Adversity


    “Life is filled with uncertainties and challenges, but it is up to you to choose from which perspective you wish to look at these challenges and then change and adapt your attitude accordingly.” These are the words of the growing techpreneur Khalil Halilu, who has made an impact on the youth of Africa and motivates them to unleash their true potential.

    One good thing about adversities is that they come with an opportunity for a person to explore their true potential and hone their problem-solving skills. If availed, that opportunity carries the potential to push that person forward, connect them with their inner talent, and bring out fruitful results that leave a significant impact on their future plans. Ask Khalil Halilu; he knows it better than anyone since he has had to tackle different adversities on his own since the age of 23 and, as a result, has become a global icon.

    A polo and golf enthusiast, Khalil did not just take inspiration from his career as the Marketing Manager of the family business, Gongoni Company Limited, and the sister company, Scirocco International Limited, but also from his experience as a child and his time in college. He tackled every problem with wit and grit and subsequently started focusing on using his knowledge to foster a positive change in his country, Nigeria, which he felt had the potential to become a technological hub of the African continent.

    He had grown up witnessing the frequent electricity shortages in his hometown, Kano, and pledged that he would, one day, resolve the issue. From childhood, Khalil was deeply invested in tech and knew its significance for a country like Nigeria that depended heavily on agriculture. He believed that technology could change the game for his country, but the obstacles in the way had to be removed first.

    Khalil’s ability to look beyond the problem and provide a solution is applaudable. Even though he was unable to enroll in the JAVA and DBA courses, Khalil bravely faced the setback and worked hard to become a renowned and under-35 visionary entrepreneur.He recognizes the true potential of the African youth and has been using his experience as a tech entrepreneur to assist them in their dreams. He wants to instill the same passion that drove him to success within the people of Africa.

    Walking his talk, Khalil launched Civic, Citizen Welfare, and Community Development (CWCD Africa), a non-profit organization that aims to introduce peace and stability with technological advancements. Under this vast and reigning non-profit organization resides the CANs, a company fully versed in its capability to present eco-friendly technology implementation. These two organizations have helped Khalil connect with the youth in Nigeria and around Africa.

    Because of Khalil’s initiatives, the youth of Africa have a safe space to connect and share their ideas, practice leadership roles, and use their experiences as a way to settle raging issues in their communities. Khalil gave them the push they needed, and they unleashed their full potential with his help.

    Khalil perfectly embodies the “work hard, play hard” narrative, and pushes others to do the same. He firmly believes that work-life balance is achievable when you make a plan and stick to it. Where he works tirelessly to make a difference in his community and country, he also enjoys polo and golf games often. His ability to understand situations and provide plausible solutions iterates his ability as a techpreneur.

    Click here to learn more about Khalil’s tips on unleashing your true impact.


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